Jackie, stop eating


That pretty much sums up my entire New York trip. My only plans were to eat, shop, see some friends and eat some more. I’m the type of person who plans her trips around food rather than monuments. I had a huge running list of places I wanted to eat at and made all my reservations ahead of time. This will have to be a multi-blog post series because there is no way I can fit my entire trip in one blog post.

It was a great 4th of July trip to New York and everything would have been perfect if I hadn’t lost my voice. The sad thing is that I didn’t even lose it because I partied too hard or because I drank or screamed too much. Nope, I arrived in NY on Saturday morning at 7am and my throat felt a little scratchy. As the day progressed, it started to feel swollen so I took some Tylenol. It bothered me all day and I woke up on Sunday and my voice was gone. My voice is still gone and it’s been a continuous cycle of Tylenol every 4 hours and staying hydrated. I’d like to stop sounding like a chain smoker now.

Within my first 3 hours of NY, my friend Emily and I hit Murray’s Bagels, Doughnut Plant and La Maison du Macaron, which were all in Chelsea. I had heard SO much about New York bagels and never had one before and didn’t know what the hype was. I understand now. My first New York bagel was an onion bagel with scallion cream cheese. It was untoasted (because I would have been blacklisted if I asked for it toasted) and it was delicious.

First NY Bagel!

Agnes feels me. She understands the importance of “fluffiness.”

What I appreciate the most was having my bagel seasoned on both sides. I think that’s what surprised me the most. Having that onion-y goodness of both sides of my plumped up bagel. At first, I was only going to eat the 1 side with the onions on top and throw away the other half (keep in mind that I knew I was getting a doughnut too). But SURPRISE, there were toppings on the other side too. I wish all bagels were like that. Nothing is more sad than when you eat the top half of a bagel with all its delicious toppings and then are left with the ugly, plain side of the bagel. The bagel was so fluffy and I just could not get over it. I had never seen such a fluffy bagel before and the outside still had a nice hardness to it too.

We head to Doughnut Plant next and keep in mind that I don’t really like doughnuts. I know my “About Me” section features me stuffing my face with a doughnut, but doughnuts don’t really do much for me. I find them too sweet and I never really eat or crave them. There are two exceptions: 1) A plain, glazed Krispe Kreme doughnut that has been served warm. You wait a few minutes for it to cool so that the outer sugary shell has a slight crunch to it and the inside is still warm. 2) Christy Donuts in Milpitas, California has these amazing custard, chocolate or jelly-filled doughnut holes that are soooo good. I love the custard ones.

I’m gonna eat you!

I decided to order the crème brûlée one because I like crème brûlée and I notice that it’s one of the smaller doughnuts. I was pretty full from that bagel and I didn’t really want a lot of doughnut. I didn’t ask what was inside, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find out it was filled with custard. It was like a Christy doughnut hole but BETTER with a nice, burnt sugar top. It was very sweet but perfect with my latte (coffee was also good) and just the right portion. My friend Emily got a vanilla bean doughnut that was like 2.5 times bigger than mine. While good, it wasn’t extraordinary and I preferred mine. I recommend this place to everyone (even if you don’t like doughnuts!) and it’s worth going out of your way to try it.

While walking to Mario Batali’s Eataly, we passed by a beautiful macaron store and I could not pass it up. There were so many varieties at La Maison du Macaron and I loved all the colors. We tried the lemon, passion fruit, vanilla and pistachio macarons. My favorite was the lemon one because it was sour. My citrus desserts need to be sour or else I don’t really feel satisfied. I was really impressed with these macarons and they were comparable to the Paris’ Laduree (which I hear they’re also going to open in NY??). The outside cookie had a slight crunch like a fragile eggshell but the inside was still chewy and flavorful. They were definitely better than the macarons I’ve had in San Francisco.

I wanted to try every flavor

This is just the tip of the iceberg on my New York trip and only the first 3 hours. Be prepared for the next few posts to be dedicated to all the eating and shopping had in the Big Apple.

4 thoughts on “Jackie, stop eating

  1. Andddd this is why you are awesome. Keep eating! And let me know ALL about it! But, it would have been nice for you to be in Cali July 4th weekend. Rosita, Matthew, Yoko, and Tuptin came over to Kathy’s and we had a blasttttt. So much food. So much wine. Deliciousness all around. And I ate at Cheeseboard…..FOUR times during my stay…. >_< before I realized it was a vegetarian place and hadn't eaten meat in days. haha THAT's how awesome it was. Because I'm totally a steak and potatoes kinda girl. But anyway, SEE YOU NEXT TIME! xoxo

    • I’ve never been to Cheeseboard! I MUST try it. It sounds like you had an awesome 4th of July too. Glad I got to meet you before you headed back to Texas. Hope to see you again (very) soon!

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