Why you must see Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty at the Met

Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

I wish I had my own pictures from Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met in New York, but they would not allow it. It’s probably for the best considering how many people were in each room and how much longer it would take for each person to pass through. This was hands down the BEST exhibit I have ever seen. I was completely blown away. Not only was the fashion visually stimulating, but also the Met did an amazing job actually tailoring each room to show Alexander McQueen’s work.

The exhibition is a window into Alexander McQueen’s dark and tortured soul, making his suicide last year even more tragic. At the same time, he was a fashion genius. He did so much more than just create amazing clothing. He was a visionary at showcasing his work. I adored his chess board fashion show for Spring/Summer 2005. You don’t even need to watch the entire 5-minute video to catch a glimpse of his creative genius.

My other favorite piece was an all-white dress that was spray painted. The model was spun around and “attacked” by two robot arms that eventually sprayed her. It’s an amazing video and the model did a great acting job too.

The exhibit just got extended to August 7, 2011 and I recommend that you buy your tickets online and get there right when the museum opens. Also, be prepared to be “herd like cattle” because there are a lot of people. If you’re willing to spend $50, the Met has a private viewing every Monday. It’s closed to the public and I hear the Monday showings sell out. I’ll post photos of my favorite dresses after the page break. 

LOVED the Scottish royalty-inspired dresses Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

McQueen used real and silk flowers because he wanted to juxtapose life and death with decaying flowers. Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

The color is so rich and the design is so bold. Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

My favorite dress. Love the lace on the arms and the plaid. Photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art

I wanted to buy the book, but it was big and heavy and I wasn’t willing to drag it with me back to San Francisco. For anyone who is in New York, I hope you check out this exhibit before it’s over on August 7!


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