A night of two missions: Mission Cheese and Mission Chinese Food

Cheesy goodness

I’ve been wanting to try Mission Cheese ever since they opened 3 months ago. A sit-down restaurant where you eat cheese and drink wine? I’m there.

This weekend, I went with my friends, American Cheese and Ann, to check out this dairy heaven and it did not disappoint. I prepped my body for our 5 pm meeting by only eating a yogurt and a bowl of tomato soup all day. We ordered the California Gold pressed sandwich, which was filled with proscuitto, goat cheese, fig preserves and another type of cheese; Mac and Cheese; and the Monger’s Choice cheese flight. It was all so scrumptious.

My California Gold sandwich was served piping hot and the cheese was melted all the way through (I will wait an extra 2 minutes for my sandwich if you can guarantee extreme meltiness). I loved the combination of fig preserves with cheese but adding in the proscuitto made it a trifecta of goodness.

I’m not a huge mac and cheese fan, but I always tend to still want to try “high-end” mac and cheese. The mac and cheese at Mission Cheese was very good. American Cheese and I agreed that it was only missing bacon. I like that they used BIG, curly macaroni and how it was served in a hot skillet (temperature is always a theme in my food reviews) with crispy bread crumbs on top. While decadent, it wasn’t to the point of being too rich and I kept applying the melted cheese on my bread long after all the noodles were gone.

The Monger’s Choice is basically a cheese plate where they choose the cheeses for you. I can’t remember the names of the cheeses (forgive me, I was so hungry that my brain was just focused on putting food in my stomach), but we got a creamy Camembert-like cheese, cheddar with some blue cheese, and some type of smoky cheese that was supposed to taste like bacon. All three were delicious, but the consensus was the sharp cheddar with blue cheese. The blue cheese wasn’t overwhelming, which I appreciated because I’m not a fan normally. I also like how our cheese plate was served with sliced apples and tiny pickles. American Cheese was a little thrown by the odd 90s music/rap choice at Mission Cheese, but nothing really surprises me in the hipster Mission.

The time I got Mission Chinese Food delivered.

We decide to get more food (thisiswhyyourefat.com) and go to Mission Chinese Food (no relation to Mission Cheese).  I’d ordered delivery from Mission Chinese Food but had never eaten there and was intrigued to try their freshly-cooked food. Mission Chinese Food is Westernized, fusion Chinese food. They use really high-end ingredients and I like that the food doesn’t feel greasy.

From the time I got it delivered, I wasn’t really a big fan of the char-siu pork belly (dry and too salty) or the cold, sesame noodles (no taste). I did like the salt cod fried rice (roommate thought there wasn’t enough Chinese sausage) and the salt and pepper shrimp. I expressed my opinion to American Cheese and Ann and we settled on completely different dishes.

We ordered the savory egg custard, westlake rice porridge, kung pao pastrami, and hot and sour pork dumplings (dine-in only). The egg custard was served cold with uni, roe and a little bit of shiso. It was such an interesting combination. The roe made the dish really salty, but I found if I took less of it, the combination went really well. The hot and sour pork dumplings are made in-house and we saw the guy rolling the dough from the window. If you dine at the restaurant, you should order them! The soup is almost indescribable. I haven’t had soup like it before. It was slightly spicy and sour, but with a smoky flavor too. The dough on the dumplings had great texture and overall, it was a winner.

Our kung pao pastrami was too spicy for me and I felt like weak sauce. I seriously had like three bites. It’s stir-fried with sliced potatoes, celery and peanuts. While flavorful, I won’t be ordering it again because I simply couldn’t handle the spiciness level. I recommend the salt and pepper shrimp over the kung pao pastrami.

I loved the westlake rice porridge. It was just so homey and tasted like something my Mom would make. It was full of fresh ginger, oxtail, crab, cilantro and one soft-boiled egg. Even though it was simple, it tasted so authentic and heartwarming. If I lived in the Mission, I would order it to-go all the time.

The only downside to the night was that I got SO full at Mission Chinese Food because I ate so much at Mission Cheese. It was definitely worth it. I’d say our foodie night was a success. Mission(s) accomplished.


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