New York Baked Goods Galore

I didn’t end up gorging myself with sweets as much as I thought I would on this trip. Still, I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss some of the delicious (and not so delicious) baked goods I sampled while in the Big Apple. Besides Doughnut Plant and La Maison du Macaron, I checked out the adorable Three Tarts in Chelsea. The store was a unique combination of a dessert store AND a cute gift store.

Bite-sized treats

What I liked about Three Tarts was the fact that their desserts were small and not overwhelming. We tried to goat cheese, blood orange panna cotta and the raspberry parfait. While the panna cotta was good, I didn’t like the goat cheese flavor. It was too strong and I normally associate panna cotta with something light. The parfait had a raspberry curd with creme fraiche layers. I loved it. It reminded me of Haagen-Dazs’ raspberry and vanilla yogurt bars. The marshmallows were a gift for my foodie sister and she said they were VERY good. Great consistency with lots of flavor. She personally liked the passionfruit more than the raspberry. The store also had a bunch of gifts and random knick knacks, and they also ship some of their items too!

I appreciate the beautiful presentation.

I tried the special 4th of July cupcake at Eleni’s in Chelsea Market. It was a blueberry cupcake with a white frosting. While moist, it reminded me of a blueberry muffin and not really a cupcake. I thought that their cookies were unique with colorful designs. Don’t really think you need to go out of your way to eat here.

My amazing friend once hand carried and brought me a cupcake from New York to San Francisco. It was a lemon cupcake from Buttercup Bakery and the frosting AMAZED me. It was nice and sour and not heavy at all. I’m not normally a big fan of frosting (unless it’s cream cheese frosting), but I was impressed by Buttercup’s. The cake was a little dry, but I figured that the cupcake was 24 to 48 hours old. A fresh one could only taste better, right?

Lemon cupcake (left) and Lady Baltimore (right)

I walked over a mile in 90 degree New York heat to go to Buttercup and it was so disappointing. While the lemon cupcake frosting was just as delicious, I found the cake dry and kind of tasteless. I also ordered the Lady Baltimore cake, which was an almond-flavored white cake frosted with meringue and topped with coconut, cookie crumble and cherry halves. Doesn’t that sound sooo good?! No, run away! The meringue topping was gooey and had the consistency of cool whip. The cake had zero almond flavor and the whole thing was as disgusting as a used diaper filled with Indian food (Yes, it’s as gross as Sex Panther from Anchorman).

Since it was such a disappointing trip to Buttercup Bakery, I had to make up for it and decided to walk another mile to momofuku’s milk bar. I bought three different cookies and a slice of the crack pie. The cookies were meh. The crack pie was a little slice of heaven. It tasted like butterscotch (almost like the brown sugar layer of a pecan pie) but had a firmer consistency. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted a bigger slice. I would walk another 2 miles in New York summer weather to eat that pie again.

momofuku treats

Lemon cupcake

The last of my bakery stops was Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea. My New York friend told me that her favorite item was the banana parfait, but Billy’s was sold out a noon! I bought myself a little goodie bag and fell in love with their oatmeal raisin cookies. They used golden raisins instead of normal ones and I liked how it was less sweet. The cookies had more of a vanilla flavor than a cinnamon one. Their chocolate chip cookies were nothing to write home about. Billy’s lemon cupcake was definitely better than Buttercup’s. Billy’s cupcake was lemon pound cake and lemon cream cheese frosting. But still, the best lemon cupcake is Kara’s Cupcakes in San Francisco/Palo Alto (the lemon curd is the key ingredient). The real standout at Billy’s was the slice of cinnamon pound cake. Oh man, this cake had a delicious cinnamon crumble on top with swirls of cinnamon in delicious cake. While the cake was a pound cake, it wasn’t too buttery or heavy. The next time, I will ask if I can just buy an entire loaf.

I guess I hit up more bakeries than I originally thought. So much for thinking that I didn’t gorge myself on sweets. Counting the days until I can go back to New York and get me some more crack pie.


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