How I “Savored” Sens

Do you want 30% off your entire meal, including food and drink? Then, you should definitely use Savored. You pay a $10 reservation fee and then your entire pre-tax meal gets a 30% discount! My co-worker/friend Amy tipped me off to Savored last week and they were running a special to make reservations for only $2! I was impressed by the number of San Francisco restaurants that were participating. Plus, there’s even better news. Savored has partnered with OpenTable so you can rack up your OpenTable points too.

View from our table

I chose Sens Restaurant because I heard amazing things about the location and their happy hour food. First of all, the space is gorgeous. Located at the top of Embarcadero Center 4, we had a fabulous view of the Ferry Building. The restaurant had a warm feel to it with a fireplace and just lots of space. I’m glad the tables weren’t all squished together.

Sens has modern Mediterranean food with a smaller menu. We started our meal with the “Lamb’s Lettuce Salad.” The salad is a little misleading because there’s actually no lamb in it. The waiter explained that the mache lettuce looks like “lamb’s ears.” The salad had strawberries, fennel, crushed pistachio and red endives. It was tossed in a light vinaigrette. The salad wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really impress me that much. I wouldn’t order it again.

Mmm...flat bread

Their daily flat bread was seasoned with a fava bean puree and topped with roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions and feta cheese. This was super delicious. I was in love with how flavorful the roasted tomatoes were and I learned that they were actually roasted in their wood-burning oven. My only complaint (and I seriously never thought I would complain about this) was that there was too much cheese. Before you hark “cheese blasphemy,” you should understand that the feta cheese made the flat bread too salty. I was loving the combination of everything on the flat bread but was overwhelmed by saltiness. I found that by picking off about half the cheese off made all the difference. I do commend Sens for not gypping on the toppings.

Pan roasted halibut

For our main entrees, Amy ordered their daily soup, a warm corn soup pureed with a little bit of peppers. The soup was flavorful and sweet, but I liked that the flavor wasn’t overwhelming. While the soup was a little bit thicker, it didn’t quite have the consistency of a puree. I like how the soup wasn’t too rich because I’m not really a big fan of cream-based soups (the only exception is clam chowder). I ordered the pan roasted halibut with an avocado, cucumber and bell pepper relish that was topped with a gazpacho sauce. The halibut normally comes with a saffron basmati rice, but I asked if I could replace it with some veggies so they gave me broccolini.

My fish was cooked to perfection. It was slightly crispy on the outside but wasn’t overcooked and dry on the inside. You could taste the roasted flavor and it had plenty of taste just on its own. My broccolini was also grilled and had that amazing smoky, charcoal taste. Wasn’t overcooked at all. While the relish also complemented the meal nicely, the gazpacho sauce didn’t do much for me. It didn’t really have much flavor. I was OK with it though because everything else on my plate was bursting at the seams with flavor.

Panna cotta was a pass

We ordered two desserts and they were both not very good. I will say that we didn’t order the desserts that our waiter recommended. I’m still on my huge panna cotta kick (post-Babbo and Cotogna) and this one was made from greek yogurt! My interest was piqued. I was expecting something light with a custard-like consistency, but it was nothing like that. Also, it didn’t taste like greek yogurt at all. It was super creamy and tasted like whipped cream (not in a good way). The consistency reminded me of marshmallow fluff. I think it came with a slice of pistachio cake, which was dry. Our other dessert was a lime and berry tartlet. The tart was filled with lime curd and topped with fresh berries and a little bit of whipped cream. This dessert was definitely better than the panna cotta. While not terrible, the lime curd could have been a little bit more sour. I felt like the lime flavor didn’t shine. Perhaps, it would have been better if it was lemon? I appreciate the presentation of the lime tartlet, but I wouldn’t need to order it again.

Overall, I enjoyed the food at Sens but would pass on the desserts. It would be a perfect place for a happy hour or work event. The restaurant has quite a few private rooms with amazing views and the happy hour menu is slightly different from the dinner menu. I liked how their bar area had a lot of space and it wasn’t very crowded at all on a Tuesday night. My guess is because most people don’t realize there’s a restaurant up there.

Thanks to Savored, we saved around $21. Considering I only had to pay $2 for a reservation, that was a steal! I would totally use Savored again and look forward to more delicious savings in the future.


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