How I fell in love with Chelsea, New York

Chelsea Market

My foodie heaven, Chelsea Market

I cannot claim to be a New York expert at all. Considering my last trip in July was only my 2nd trip ever to this glorious city, I am a self-proclaimed New York neophyte. I was excited to explore my New York friend Emily’s neighborhood, Chelsea.

Emily semi-joked that she never travels outside of her 5-block radius and I can see why! Chelsea has everything. Who needs to travel when Murray’s Bagel will deliver 2 bagels and cream cheese to your door? Let’s not forget that New Yorkers have laundry service where people come to your door and drop-off your freshly-pressed clothing. Um, if I lived in New York, I’m pretty sure I’d be a lazy, fat cat ordering bagels and demanding people to come pick up my laundry.

Sour Cherry Shaved Ice

Sour Cherry Shaved Ice

I adored Chelsea Market. As an indoor market, it’s a foodie’s mecca, full of bakeries, fresh produce, wine and spirits, and so much more. For those of you trying to escape the NY heat, Chelsea Market is air-conditioned and has this cool, underground feel. My friends and I definitely indulged in treats like shaved ice, crêpes and cupcakes.

From Chelsea Market, you can climb the recently renovated High Line. What was originally an elevated railroad track for freight trains is now a GORGEOUS mile-and-a-half-long public park.

I loved how there were lots of public spaces to sit and cool-shaped benches. I could totally imagine just spending a lazy afternoon reading a book on the High Line or having a group picnic on one of the lawns. The views from the High Line are just as impressive. You can see New York modern architecture at its best with modern apartments juxtaposed with classic buildings (like the Desmond Tutu Center!). If you go to New York, you have to check out the High Line and spend time walking the entire path. At the end (north), you’ll find Tom Colicchio’s outdoor food truck and beer garden waiting for you at the Lot.

Views from High Line

Views from High Line

Outdoor seating at High Line

Outdoor seating at High Line

Tom Colicchio's Food Truck and Beer Garden

Tom Colicchio's Food Truck and Beer Garden

As if that wasn’t enough to love about Chelsea, you’re also walking distance from Mario Batali’s 50,000 square f00t Italian emporium, Eataly, in the Flatiron district. I don’t think I’ve ever been so overwhelmed with an institution before. Eataly literally has EVERYTHING you could possibly want (including an Italian ATM). Fresh produce: check. Coffee bar: check. Gelato bar: check. Beer rooftop: check. Cooking classes: check. If nothing else, go to Eataly because the the New York location is the only one in the U.S.

Entrance to Eataly

Entrance to Eataly

Fresh pasta at Eataly

I seriously wanted to buy 10 lbs of pasta.

Inside Eataly

You can enjoy a nice charcuterie or cheese plate and eat them at those counters.

Mushrooms at Eataly

So many varieties of mushrooms!

5 thoughts on “How I fell in love with Chelsea, New York

    • Thanks, Melissa! My oldest sister got her MBA at the University of Oregon (go ducks!).

      Eataly was huge! I was so overwhelmed. If I lived in NY, I probably would spend all my money there. I hear there’s talk of opening one in LA!

  1. Yay, Go Ducks! If I lived in NY I would spend all of my money there too. We better not ever go together! Uh. I’m so screwed if they open one in LA. Flights from Eug. to LA are $100 round trip if you plan properly and my best friend lives there, I’d visit her wayyyy too often.

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