Over the Moon with MOO cards!

Moo Cards and Case

My MOO minicards just came in and I could not be more thrilled! They are absolutely amazing and perfect in every way! I was first introduced to MOO by my writer/director friend, Christophe. I loved the mini shape, color and thickness of the cards. He even had a cool business card holder too (I had to buy one too). I learned that MOO business cards are popular with photographers and graphic designers because you can showcase your work on the back of the card. If you wanted to, you could design each card separately in your order. How awesome is that?

I kept Christophe’s card in my wallet, but I didn’t have a need for my own personal business cards at the time. Last week at Hecho, I told the owner that I would blog about the restaurant and he asked for the link. It occurred to me that I should have business cards with my blog on it! My friend Sarabeth helped me come up with the perfect title– Eater Extraordinaire (I cannot think of 2 words that sum me up better; that would have been a good blog name).

My inspiration came from a wall in San Francisco Japantown’s New People mall. There was one white wall with different colored placards with words to live by: Talk to Strangers, Splash Around, Drive Faster, Flirt Often, etc. I saw it and wanted to decorate my room in the same way. Of course, I was way too lazy and never did it. But, that wall lead to my business cards.

New People Mall

My inspiration

I basically picked my favorite words to live by and chose the font and colors. I LOVE THEM!!! This weekend, I already gave a whole case of them away!

MOO also prints normal-sized business cards, postcards, stickers and labels. They’re really affordable too. 100 cards cost around $20. The website has fabulous ideas for invitations and weddings. I was so blown away by how creative people are. Feel free to use my personal link for 10% off your MOO order!

Close up of MOO Cards

I could not be more happy with how the cards turned out (that black line is covering up my phone number).

10 thoughts on “Over the Moon with MOO cards!

    • I customized my order. You can choose colors and have a few font choices too. I really loved the flexibility. There were some really cute design templates that you could use too. You should totally have pictures of all your shoes on the back of your cards!

      P.S. I have a 15% off code on your 1st MOO order if you’re interested. 🙂

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