Le Rêve and Bartolotta at the Wynn in Vegas

As part of Virgin America’s Las Vegas prize, my friend Anne and I got two tickets to Le Rêve. I love going to shows in general (concerts, Broadway musicals, you name it) and Las Vegas has so many wonderful options. My favorite show has been Cirque du Soleil’s (those vertical fighting scenes are intense) and a close second would be Cirque du Soleil’s O (holy crap, it’s all underwater with crazy synchronized swimmer and Olympic divers).

I’d actually seen Le Rêve before for my Mom’s birthday a couple of years ago, but I was looking forward to seeing it again. Le Rêve is impressive, but part of my problem with the show is that there is SO much going on. There are crazy acrobats in the sky, dancing on the stage, and synchronized swimming below. Who the hell can keep up with all of that? While I enjoyed the show the first time, I was actually slightly annoyed because I felt like I missed so much. This time, I made sure to take notice of EVERYTHING happening on the stage. I kept looking up and down because I wanted to catch all the nuances of the show. It’s an impressive show and definitely one of the better shows on the Strip. But, if you’re going to Vegas for the first time, I totally recommend KÀ!

After the show, Anne and I grabbed dinner at Italian, seafood eatery, Bartolotta. We weren’t super hungry (hurray 2nd dinner!) and ordered appetizer-sized pasta dishes. I ordered a lobster spaghetti dish and Anne ordered rigatoni with octopus and peas.

Spaghetti al l’astice at Bartolotta

Spaghetti al l’astice at Bartolotta

Rigatoni pasta at Bartolotta

I can't remember what this was called but it's rigatoni with octopus

The meal was simple and tasty, but I definitely preferred New York’s Babbo. Babbo’s food was unique and Bartolotta’s food wasn’t anything special. Also, I felt like the prices were a little exorbitant for appetizer-sized pastas (I think my dish was like $32). While service was good, the overall atmosphere felt kind of old and stuffy. I saw a lot of special-looking dates happening, and I kind of felt like I should be holding Anne’s hand while gazing at her across the table.

If you do happen to go, I would recommend this dessert: the warm chocolate-banana custard with passion fruit pearls and banana gelato. Oh man, I’m not even the biggest fan of banana-flavored things or chocolate for that matter (remember my childhood hatred of chocolate), but that dessert is worth ordering again. It wasn’t too sweet and had this “crackly” thin layer of chocolate/cookie on top. The combination of the soft pudding with something slightly crunchy was so good. I was totally in love with that banana gelato too.

If you’re looking for a good restaurant at the Wynn, I highly recommend the other Italian restaurant, Stratta, which is located across from the Le Rêve theater. I love the atmosphere there– more warm, inviting and hip. I ate there a couple of years ago and the pizza was delicious. It’s been awhile so I can’t remember what else I ate, but I remember everything meeting Jackie’s standards (Side note: I seriously need to invest in a stamp that says “Jackie approves this.” My birthday is coming up. Who wants to donate this to the Jackie’s birthday fund?). Plus, the chef Alex Stratta was on Top Chef Masters AND he’s a cancer survivor. He’s pretty legit. Oh, Stratta recently extended their hours and they’re open until 6am now. You’ll want to go the next time you get out of  a Las Vegas club and feel the munchies (might I also recommend ICEEs from the 24-hour Walgreens located next to The Venetian hotel).


I love you, 24-hour Walgreens and your 8 different flavors of ICEEs.


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