SF Birthday Extravaganza I: Flour + Water and Bi-Rite Ice Cream

I’ve been majorly behind on updating my blog and it’s because I’ve really been too busy eating! I’ve had a lot of fantastic meals over the past week because of my birthday. One of my closest and dearest friends, Peter, was in town for one day and I suggested flour + water in the Mission. It’s been on my must-try list FOREVER, but I’m not willing to wait 2 hours for a table and they seriously have limited reservations (like 2-3 months out).

I got to F+W at 5:30pm on a Thursday (it opens at 5:30pm) and there was already a line. Seriously?! People, do you not have to work? Peter didn’t get to the restaurant until around 6pm (they only seat complete parties), but luckily, it was still early and they sat us at a communal table.

Flour and Water Pizza

Salsicca Pizza

Flour and Water squid ink pasta

Squid Ink Pasta with Uni

Flour and Water Sage Pasta

Sage Pasta with Pork (drool)

We started our meal by splitting a salsiccia pizza topped with rabe leaves, sausage, montasio cheese and caramelized onions. This thin-crust pizza was delicious and the bottom was still crispy when it arrived. I liked how the meat wasn’t overwhelming and I love anything with caramelized onions in it. I just love tomato sauce on my pizza and pasta, so part of me kind of missed have the classic tomato sauce. I’m definitely glad that they put more toppings on their pizza compared to Pizzeria Delfina.

While the pizza was good, the pastas were mind-blowing and totally stole the show. F+W make their own pastas and the menu changes daily. I ordered the squid ink pasta (I’m a sucker for squid ink) and it was served with fresh, sweet cherry tomatoes and uni. I had never had uni on pasta before and was really intrigued. Peter order a sage pasta with pork medallions.

My squid ink pasta was very good, but the uni made it incredibly rich. I felt like I had to take breaks and stop eating it at points so as not to get overwhelmed. I was in love with Peter’s pasta and could not stop eating it (luckily, the man shares his food). I kept reaching my fork over and grabbing bites of his pasta and he even gave me the last bite (the sign of true friendship). His pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce almost reminded me of a reduced, chicken noodle soup. I know that sounds odd, but it had this “homey” taste to it that wasn’t too rich and just really comforting. The pork was so tender and would just fall apart when I pierced it with my fork.

I would totally go back to F+W, but the lines started getting long by the time we left the restaurant (past 7 pm). I’d go back for the pastas; however, I’m not willing to wait 2 hours for it. Totally advise you to go early if you want to eat there!

Peter and I opted out of dessert at F+W so that we could go to Bi-Rite Creamery and get ice cream! If you do not know about Bi-Rite, then you probably do not live in San Francisco. It’s really high-quality ice cream made from  local and organic ingredients. Some flavors stay all year, but many of their flavors are seasonal. Some of my favorites are salted caramel (reminds me of the top layer of a crème brûlée), ricanelas (cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodle pieces), balsamic strawberry (summer flavor) and Meyer lemon (seasonal).

Peter loves the salted caramel and my roommate had requested that I buy her a pint. As we waited in line to choose our flavors, Peter saw me grab the pint. He continued to eye my pint the entire time and finally decided to buy his own pint and “let me take home the leftovers.” Lo and behold, Peter can eat an entire pint of salted caramel ice cream in one sitting (he’s my hero). He seriously impressed our neighboring table. They were in shock and awe watching him eat spoonfuls of rich, velvety salted caramel until the entire container was gone.

Food is what originally united us together in college. It seems only appropriate to end this post with our amazing ice cream picture. Even though Peter’s trip wasn’t planned, I’m so happy that I got to see him. It was the perfect way to kick off the birthday festivities!

Empty container of Bi-Rite ice cream

Peter and I could easily eat our way through the entire city of San Francisco.

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