A Fleet Week Not to Forget: Battleship SF

All Aboard!

This year, my friend Amy (she just started a blog!) celebrated Fleet Week in style with Mission: Battleship presented by Stag Dining Group. We both didn’t really know what to expect. Party on a boat with great food? Sure!

Stag Dining Group knows how to throw a party. I didn’t realize just how big the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien would be. We had the most amazing views of San Francisco (Golden Gate and Bay Bridge) and I was impressed with what they did with the space. There were multiple food stalls on the ship and plenty of alcohol stations, courtesy of the mixologists from 15 Romolo. There were performances on board by Bayonics, (NOT) Tom Cruise, and Reggie Watts. Downstairs, there was whole dance floor and more food stalls. Honestly, I think everyone was having way too much fun and enjoying the weather outside to spend much time downstairs.

Amy and I with a glorious sunset.

Amazing herb rock shrimp roll

Bacon Wrapped Mochi

Bayonics Performing

Far right: Danny Bowien from Mission Chinese making tea-smoked eel hand rolls

So much hair. Posing with Danny Bowien.

Tea-smoked eel hand roll

Tea-smoked eel hand roll

Probably my favorite picture. (NOT) Tom Cruise

Highlights included eating that herb rock shrimp roll, meeting Danny Bowien, and watching (NOT) Tom Cruise serenade The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to the crowd.

With the shrimp roll, I watched the chefs pour the butter on that bread and it was heavenly. I liked how the filling wasn’t too heavy and not super mayonnaise-based. Honestly, it was better than many lobster rolls that I’ve eaten.

Amy and I had our celebrity chef “freak out” moment when we met Danny Bowien and we told him which dishes we liked best from Mission Chinese (I love the West Lake porridge). He seemed impressed (and also very scared).

To tell you the truth, the whole night felt a little surreal. That morning, it was pouring rain in San Francisco, but it cleared up and it was the perfect night. It wasn’t too cold and the sky was super clear. I was a little bit in disbelief that we were on a boat and could see the moon and the stars while listening to the cool beats of Reggie Watts. Mission: Battleship will go down as part of Jackie’s Top 5 most memorable San Francisco experiences.

Side note: If you don’t know about Stag Dining Group, you need to look them up. Besides the occasional awesome public party, they throw “clandestine dinners” (think of underground dinner/secret supper club) where the diners don’t know the location until the day of. Judging by the food on their ship, I can only imagine how delicious a multi-course, sit-down dinner would be.


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