Halloween: It’s Really Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest

Dexter and Detective Debra Morgan

Dexter and Detective Debra Morgan

I’ll admit it. I’m a really lazy Halloween costume person. I’m not a very artistic/creative person (covered in my very first blog post) and I don’t like to spend a lot of money on something that I’m only going to wear once (my Asian frugalness is showing). But, I realized that Halloween is really Charles Darwin’s natural selection theory in action– a prime example of “survival of the fittest.” Biology teachers should start using Halloween as part of their curriculum when they explain evolution.

Hear me out. Let’s break down the reasons why.

(1) Most people are either half-naked, scantily clad or wearing spandex.

There’s not much left to the imagination. If you’re looking for someone who is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you’ll find that person quickly.

(2) The really great costumes require some serious brainpower.

Homemade dinosaur costumes

Homemade dinosaur costumes

I’m always blown away by how creative and “craftsy” people get on Halloween. The attention to detail can be amazing. You have to figure that someone who is that creative must use the right side of his/her brain more (artistic people = hot people).

(3) If you recognize some obscure costume, you already have something in common with that person.

David Bowie in Labyrinth

David Bowie in Labyrinth

This weekend, I saw a guy dressed as David Bowie’s character, Jareth the Goblin King, from one of my favorite 80’s movie, “Labyrinth.” I think I may have been the only person at this party who recognized him (side note: if you have not seen this movie, go rent it now). I freaked out on him and we immediately started talking about our favorite scenes from the movie and I bursted out in song (“You remind me of the babe. What babe? Babe with the power…”). In speed dating, people usually decide within 30 seconds if they’re interested in the person. On Halloween, you can also find an instant connection within 30 seconds. Case in point, you may find someone who has the same awesomely bad taste in 1986 movies with puppets in them. Seriously, go watch “Labyrinth” if you’re not understanding these references. If nothing else, watch it for Jim Henson’s puppets.

Labyrinth Costume

I was most impressed with his make up.

(4) Halloween is the perfect excuse to talk to strangers.

I’ve been to quite a few parties this year where I only knew 1-2 people there. This included a Halloween party this weekend. Suffice it to say, it can be really awkward when you know like no one at a party. Halloween is the optimal time to meet strangers because you have an instant ice breaker– your costume. I talked to a lot more random people and had interesting conversations at this Halloween party than I have at any other. It was a whole lot easier to go up to people and say “What are you?” or “I LOVE YOUR COSTUME!” than try to awkwardly approach people and interrupt ongoing conversations in non-costume situations.

Moral of the story? Go all out on Halloween. Make Darwin proud.

Muppets Costumes

Animal, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog


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