Tuesday Mission Food Crawl

Tacos at La Taqueria

Pollo Taco (left) and Carnitas tacos (right) with Mango Agua Fresca

Last Tuesday, I planned out an epic night of eating in the Mission with my good friend Sarabeth. We had planned to get tacos at La Taqueria, pie at Mission Pie, and finally truffle oil tater tots at Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. You know, just a typical Tuesday night.

Look at all the awards. You know it has to be good.

Look at all the awards. You know it has to be good.

Mission Pie

Mission Pie

Pear frangipane and shaker lemon pie

Pear Frangipane and Shaker Lemon Pie

Shaker lemon pie

Shaker Lemon Pie

Truffle tater tots

Truffle Tater Tots



La Taqueria was the real highlight of the night and definitely the best food out of the three places we hit. I hear the lines get really long, but we went at 5:30pm so there were no lines. We ordered 1 pollo (chicken) taco and 2 carnitas (pork) tacos with a mango agua fresca. Sarabeth taught me to order them “El Dorado” style and also with cheese and guacamole. The El Dorado style had a hard shell taco wrapped in a soft corn taco. I loved how they really melted the cheese down and filled these tacos with heapfuls of delicious, tender meat, beans, salsa and guacamole. Melting the cheese makes a HUGE difference (versus just sprinkling some cheese on top). These tacos blew me away. The hard taco shell was so crispy and I loved having that extra crunch. I ate the carnitas taco first, which is also on the 7X7  100 Things to Eat Before You Die list. It’s definitely something on the list worth eating. The carnitas taco was so flavorful and tender. I didn’t think the chicken would be as good, but it also did not disappoint and was just as flavorful and tender. If I had to choose between the two, I’d probably choose the carnitas taco, but let’s be real–I’m just going to order one of both every time I go to La Taqueria. Don’t forget to partake in the agua fresca. I seriously wanted to try every single flavor. We settled on mango and it was like drinking a fresh mango. It was so refreshing that I couldn’t resist and had to try the tangerine flavor (one of the seasonal flavors). Tangerine was good, but I wanted it to be a little bit more sour (it was really sweet) so I’d recommend the mango over tangerine.

Mission Pie was kind of a letdown. When your establishment has pie in the name, then I expect your pie to blow me out of the water. We tried the pear frangipane and shaker lemon pie. Something was off with the pie. This is going to sound horrible, but I think it’s because half of their pie crust is made with whole wheat flour. It throws the consistency off and I felt like the crust wasn’t as buttery and flaky as I’d like it to be. I guess that’s the lesson learned–don’t be healthy (I kid). The pear frangipane taste had an almond filling and I like the fresh pieces of pear on top. The pie almost didn’t have enough almond flavor though and I also didn’t like the grainy consistency. The shaker lemon pie had thinly sliced layers of lemon in it and so it had a great sour, citrus flavor (I really like my lemon desserts sour). But the lemon pieces kind of made the pie awkward to eat because it was hard to cut into without taking slices of lemon with each bite. I was disappointed in the pie. I think the pie at Marie Callender’s is better.

Finally, our last stop was Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (shout out to the Muppets!). Sarabeth had raved about the truffle tater tots, but she also warned that the order was big. I enlisted the help of two guy friends to embark on this tater tot-filled journey with us. When we arrived at Dr. Teeth, we were surprised to find out that Tuesday was trivia night. The tables are first come, first serve, so make sure you go early (trivia night starts at 8pm). Sarabeth and I gleefully ordered the tater tots while our two trivia teammates ordered sliders, chicken wings, reuben egg rolls and sausage corn dogs. The truffle tater tots were also disappointing. The tater tots themselves were absolutely delicious and were fried perfectly without feeling too greasy and heavy. I was just sad that I couldn’t taste more of the truffle oil (I could smell it). I’d get the tater tots again but maybe branch out and get ta-chos (yes, tater tots with nacho toppings) or try the sweet potato tater tots. Our two male teammates raved about the chicken wings and said the sauce was amazing. The sliders were a good deal for 10 of them for only $10 and they were pretty big.

Overall, I had a great night and have no regrets because I got to try three places in the Mission that I had never been before. I’d also be totally willing to go back to La Taqueria and feast on some more tacos, El Dorado style. Oh, and in case you were wondering, we played two rounds of trivia and absolutely sucked so we decided to cut our losses and go home.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Mission Food Crawl

  1. You should give Mission Pie’s banana cream pie a go. It’s their famous one and it really is very good. Kind of unfair to write them off based on two pies, no? 😉

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