SF: Jackie’s 100 Things to Eat Before You Die


Poulette Mussels at Plouf

Egg Custard Tarts

Egg Custard Tarts at Golden Gate Bakery

Salmon Ochozuke at B Star Bar

Salmon Ochozuke at B Star Bar

If we have met, you’ve probably heard me mention 7X7’s  100 Things to Eat Before You Die. It’s been the unofficial guide to my eating adventures in San Francisco for the past three years. I get excited when I can try something that’s on the list and check it off (I’ve eaten 40 things off the list this year). While I have a lot of respect for 7X7, I find that I don’t always agree with everything on the list. I question why some dishes made it, while others were overlooked.

Strawberry Fields Drink

Strawberry Fields Drink at the Tipsy Pig

Considering that today is my last day as a San Francisco resident (sniff), my parting gift is my list of 100 things in San Francisco that you should eat before you die. This is the best of the best (at least in my world). Some of the things overlap with the 7X7 list. I’m sure there are so many other delicious foods/drinks that could be added, but I can only vouch for the items that I’ve personally eaten. In no particular order, I present to you:

Jackie’s 100 Things to Eat Before You Die (San Francisco Edition)

    1. Hamburguesa at Don Pisto’s (bacon-marinated hamburger)
    2. Fresh burrata cheese at Beretta
    3. Banana cream tart at Tartine Bakery
    4. Ricanelas ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery (cinnamon ice cream with snickerdoodle pieces)
    5. 49er roll at Akiko’s
    6. Kimchi burrito at John’s Snack and Deli
    7. Red snapper sandwich at Working Girls’ Cafe
    8. Corned beef sandwich at The Sentinel
    9. Fried chicken ramen at Katana-ya (best karaage ever) 
    10. Tomato soup at Le Coloniel (seasonal)
    11. Strawberry Fields drink at Tipsy Pig
    12. Poached lobster on top of ravioli at La Folie
    13. Cochin calamari at Dosa
    14. Warm chocolate croissant bread pudding at Chaya Brasserie
    15. Cocktails at Jasper’s Corner Tap (they change their cocktail menu relatively often)
    16. Rainbow salad at Burma Superstar
    17. Homemade pop tarts and/or the brown sugar bacon at Foreign Cinema (brunch)
    18. Mount Tam cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and a warm French baguette from Acme Bread in the Ferry Building
    19. Ice cream sandwiches from Miette (chocolate wafers with strawberry ice cream is my fave)
    20. Meyer lemony lemon cupcake from Kara’s Cupcakes
    21. Zucchini cakes at Kokkari
    22. Lomo saltado at La Mar
    23. The raisin walnut bread that comes with a cheese plate at Absinthe
    24. Miso cod at the house (seasonal; salmon is a good 2nd choice)
    25. French fries at Cafe Claude
    26. Fried brussel sprouts at Barbacco
    27. Cioppino at Tadich Grill (while you’re there, have a martini)
    28. Poulette mussels at Plouf
    29. Lemon drop at John Colins
    30. Pork/chicken katsu curry at Muracci’s
    31. Dungeness crab linguini at Pesce
    32. Pork shoulder fried rice at Sai Jai Thai (do not use the gross vinegar sauce it comes with)
    33. Salmon ochozuke at B Star Bar
    34. Sage pasta with pork at flour+water (seasonal)
    35. West lake porridge or broccoli beef cheek at Mission Chinese
    36. Mushroom risotto at Isa
    37. Strawberry mochi from Benkyodo (seasonal)
    38. Panna cotta at Cotogna
    39. Fried chicken at Farmerbrown’s Little Skillet
    40. Coca (flatbread) at Contigo
    41. Yucca fries and roast chicken at Limon Rotisserie
    42. Roasted chicken with olive oil mashed potatoes at Delfina
    43. Apple crumb topping at Fraiche Yogurt
    44. French toast at Olea (brunch)
    45. Pizza focaccia at Liguria Bakery
    46. Grilled cheese sandwich at Hog Island Oyster Company
    47. Popovers at Wayfare Tavern (free with your meal, but they are the best part)
    48. Curry beef stew noodles at Sai’s
    49. Scotch egg at Wexler’s (dinner only)
    50. Almond croissant and canelé at La Boulange (best eaten lightly toasted)
    51. Garlic noodles from An the Go food truck
    52. The delicious fixings you can order with the frozen yogurt at Zero Zero (including balsamic strawberries and olive oil cake)
    53. Strawberry shortcake at Woodhouse Fish Grill (seasonal) 
    54. Warm egg salad sandwich at Il Cane Rosso
    55. Sunny side hamburger at Roam (make sure you ask for the egg runny)
    56. Pistacchio milkshake at Gott’s Roadside (actually, you can’t go wrong with any milkshake)
    57. Carnitas taco (El Dorado-style) at La Taqueria
    58. Coconut sherbet at Humphry Slocombe (seasonal; Secret Breakfast is a good 2nd choice)
    59. Fleur de sel caramels at Recchiutti in the Ferry Building
    60. Sesame chicken with sweet potatoes at House of Nanking
    61. Combo #5 at Cordon Bleu (it’s all about the meat sauce)
    62. Chicken wings from Capital Restaurant
    63. Fruit punch bowl at Rickhouse
    64. Egg custard tarts from Golden Gate Bakery
    65. Curry chicken salad at Breaking Bread (you can ask for it on a sandwich or eat it plain) 
    66. Crab sandwich from Crazy Crab’z in AT&T Park
    67. Hot chocolate soufflé cake from Roy’s Restaurant (I know it’s a chain, but his cake is delicious) 
    68. Any slice of pizza from Golden Boy Pizza
    69. Cappuccino or latte from Blue Bottle Coffee
    70. Brisket special at Wise Sons Deli (seasonal)
    71. Roast pork bahn mi from Saigon Sandwich
    72. Potato pancakes with apple sauce from Suppenkuche
    73. Alloo nan from Pakwan
    74. Garlic fries at The Old Ship Saloon
    75. Basil gimlet from Mr. Smith’s (I ask for it extra spicy)
    76. Salsiccia pizza from Pizzeria Delfina
    77. Corn from Nick’s Crispy Tacos (the guacamole is good too)
    78. Arctic char nigiri from Tataki
    79. Bagna calda (oven roasted garlic) at The Stinking Rose
    80. Chocolate cupcake from ‘wichcraft
    81. Chicken cherry sausage with french fries at Rosamunde Sausage Grill (curry ketchup is key)
    82. Tomato soup at Cafe Prague (I would drink this by the gallon-fuls if I could) 
    83. Lemon tart and/or homemade ice cream sandwich from the Academy Cafe at the California Academy of Sciences
    84. Coconut rice pudding at Loving Cup
    85. Fried chicken sandwich from Naked Lunch (seasonal; also a little on the small side)
    86. Pimm’s cup at 15 Romolo
    87. Egg puffs from Kowloon Tong Dessert Cafe
    88. Irish coffee from Buena Vista Cafe
    89. Homemade tofu from Eiji
    90. Apple turnover from Victoria Pastry Company
    91. Grand Marnier souffle at Fleur de Lys
    92. Rhubarb coffee cake at Au West (or, really any baked good served at breakfast, including muffins) 
    93. Green onion bun at Anna Bakery
    94. Grilled country pork chop at nopa
    95. Pink Lady drink at Bourbon & Branch
    96. Pork sisig taco from Señor Sisig food truck
    97. Gnocchi from Caffe DeLucchi
    98. Steamed chicken bun from Out the Door
    99. Brazil nut crusted goat cheese with cipollini onion jam at Bossa Nova (while you there, treat yo self to a mojito too) 
    100. Blueberry sorbet with cookies and cream gelato at Ciao Bella Gelato in the Ferry Building (the ultimate combo) 

For a printable version of my list, click here: Jackie’s 100 Things in San Francisco to Eat Before You Die.

San Francisco has been very good to me over the past three and a half years. Ever since I was little, I actually always dreamed of living in this great city. I’m really happy to report that it did not disappoint. I’m really sad to leave, but I know I’ll be back. Until then, I hope this list keeps you busy! Happy Eating!

Homemade Pop Tart

Homemade Pop Tart and Bacon at Foreign Cinema

Fruit Punch Bowl

Fruit Punch Bowl at Rickhouse

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