Meet Han Feng, Chinese Designer Extraordinaire

Han Feng Modeling one of her Gorgeous Shawls

This past trip to Shanghai, I finally met the Chinese designer, Han Feng. Han Feng is a friend of my mother’s and is often jet setting between Shanghai and New York. She is world renowned for her costumes in operas and has designed for Madama Butterfly, The Bonesetter’s Daughter and Semele. Her recent silk bird lanterns were exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Han Feng's Silk Fabric Bird Lantern

My mother owned a few of her gorgeous items and I couldn’t wait to meet Han Feng and see her studio in Shanghai. Her work is breathtaking. There is so much attention to detail and some of the designs are very avant-garde. Seeing her clothes made me wish I had a fancy gala to attend (and that she could make me a one-of-a-kind dress).

Inside Han Feng's Studio in Shanghai

Scarves Galore! All Adorned with Han Feng's Signature Flowers.

Her Purses Remind me of a Phoenix About to Take Flight

On top of being a talented designer, Han Feng is warm and incredibly nice. Plus, she’s a foodie! We compared notes on places to eat in San Francisco and Shanghai (it’s like we’re kindred spirits). I walked out of her store with four scarves, three necklaces and a pair of shoes. Yes, my name is Jackie and I am an accessories junkie. I can’t wait to follow Han Feng’s work and see what she does next!

New Shoes Designed by her Friend, Charles Philip. Purple Scarf by Han Feng.

The Necklace on the Left can be Unhooked and Worn a Bunch of Ways!

Me and Han Feng


4 thoughts on “Meet Han Feng, Chinese Designer Extraordinaire

  1. I am a fan of you, han feng , in fact I bought several pieces 10 years ago, one of which was stolen from me, and would like to know if their is something similar to replace it, I really was fond of it, and miss it terribly.
    the super big scarf was pleated and kept the blue,gold and grey with beige shades, it is a pitty , but if some similar piece is in stock I will buy it inmediately.
    hoping the best for you , regards from us all
    Josephsohn family.

    • Hi Gabriela,

      I’m sorry to hear that one of your favorite pieces was stolen! Like you, I am a huge fan of Han Feng, but I unfortunately don’t have any connections to her store.

      Perhaps you can check out her website and email the contact there? I hope you can get a replacement piece soon!

  2. I have a beautiful top of yours that is pleated but the pleats stretched out after one wedding. No one in little Gulf Breeze, FL knows how to ‘re-pleat’ it. Any suggestions?

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