Eastern Europe– 14 Cities in 11 Days


View of Budapest from Fisherman’s Bastion

I just got back from a trip to Eastern Europe and went on a tour with my parents. We traveled to 14 cities in 11 days! We visited Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. There were days that we’d visit 3 cities in one day. After Eastern Europe, my parents and I spent a few days in Paris so that I could visit my future school, ESSEC (more to come about Paris). It would be impossible to recap this trip so I decided to just post a few photos from the trip. I took over 500 photos. It’s going to take some time to sort through all of them. Until then, enjoy!

Berlin Wall

I Found Batman on the Berlin Wall!


Frauenkirche Church in Dresden, Germany


In Dresden


Crazy Rock Formations in Bastei, Germany

St. Vitus Cathedral

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague Astronomical Clock

Ceske Budejovice

Town Hall at Ceske Budejovice in Czech Republic


View from Melk, Austria

Mozart Concert Hall

Watching Opera at the Mozart Concert Hall

Demel Bakery

Demel Bakery, the Most Famous Bakery in Vienna


Eating the Most Delicious Thick Hot Chocolate in Bratislava, Slovakia

Matthias Church

Love the Mosaic Roof at Matthias Church in Budapest

View of Budapest

A View of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

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