RBJello’s Travel Tips

Vapur Bottle

Vapur Reflex Water Bottle ~$10

Summer is already in full swing and I’m sure many of you have upcoming trips. In the past few months, I’ve been really fortunate to travel to some amazing destinations like Eastern Europe and China. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite travel products and tips. Feel free to share some of your own!

Vapur Runway

Vapur Runway Bottle

Major shout-out and thank you to Larinna at iheartspandex who introduced me to the awesome Vapur water bottles. I bought mine almost a year ago and it’s still my go-to travel water battle. These bottles are light-weight, collapsable, freezable and dishwasher safe. Oh, did I mention they are also BPA-free? I love taking mine to the airport and filling it up at a water fountain after I pass through security (so that I don’t spend $4 on a bottle of water).

Colorescience's Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF 30 Brush

Colorescience’s Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF 30 Brush $50

As I’ve discussed in an earlier post, I have the most sensitive skin skin on the planet and I’m allergic to most lotions and sunscreens. Colorescience’s mineral powder sunscreen (I use the Medium 1300 shade) is a lifesaver and I love it because I can throw it into my purse and use it any time. I don’t have to carry a whole bottle of sunscreen or worry about refilling trial sizes of sunscreen. While it is expensive, once you buy the brush, the refills for SPF 30 are $19 (prices are higher for SPF 50). Don’t be fooled by the small brush. The sunscreen lasts a long time and its worth every penny.


Vaseline <$5

I swear by Vaseline and Aquaphor. They’re both miracle products and I always bring a small travel size Vaseline with me on trips. Not only can you use it for your lips, dry elbows and dry soles/heels of your feet, I use mine as a make-up remover. I’m not kidding about my skin allergies (I’m allergic to Cetaphil. The stuff that doctors recommend for babies). Vaseline is a great eye make-up remover. Since it’s a jelly, you don’t have to worry about it spilling in your bag and creating a mess in your luggage.

Baby Powder

Johnson’s Baby Powder (1.5 oz) <$2

My old co-workers always knew when I was going on a run because my cubicle would start to smell like baby powder. Besides adding baby powder in my socks before a run, I always bring some with me on trips. If you’re going on a trip that requires a lot of walking, I recommend picking up a travel size bottle of baby powder from your local drugstore. Baby powder helps keep your feet dry, preventing chaffing and blisters (plus your shoes smell good too). My sister clued me in on this tip about three years ago. My feet and I thank her.

7 thoughts on “RBJello’s Travel Tips

    • I haven’t tried baby powder in my hair, but I find that dry shampoos don’t really work on my hair. I am SO in love with the new vapur water bottle too. I have the pink Reflex one because they didn’t have those super cute designs when I bought mine!

  1. Perfect timing on your post! I’m getting ready to leave for my trip. I’m bummed to miss you this weekend. Can’t wait for our dinner when I’m back 🙂

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