Paris Udon Wars: Part Deux


At 3pm, there is still a line at Kunitoraya.

I already discussed how my friends and I tried to eat at Kunitoraya (39 Rue Sainte-Anne) a couple of weeks ago, but we were thwarted (they ran out of soup)! It all worked out because we had a delicious udon meal at Sanukiya. Kunitoraya was still on my list so after my birthday visit to the Louis Vuitton family home and workshop, I thought it would be great to grab dinner there. Plus, it’s a Chinese tradition to eat long noodles on your birthday (the noodles represent longevity). Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Kunitoraya Udon

Kunitoraya Udon

Tempura Udon

Tempura Udon

Curry Udon

Curry Udon

I was so appreciative of my classmates who ALL came out to have dinner with me and celebrate my birthday after the LV visit. Even though Kunitoraya is a tiny restaurant, they opened us the basement and let us occupy the entire space. I ordered the Kunitoraya udon, which had thinly sliced strips of pork and daikon in a miso-based soup. My friends ordered the shrimp tempura udon and the beef curry udon. I really liked the broth of my Kunitoraya udon and the dish totally reminded me of something my mother would make me. It was really “homey” tasting and comforting since I couldn’t actually be with family on my birthday. The noodles were SUPER long so it looks like I’m going to live a very long life!

I tried the broth of the tempura udon and I liked it. It was a lighter, cleaner broth with a strong green onion taste. It definitely wasn’t as complex as the Kunitoraya udon broth, which had more of a fermented bean taste. My friend’s beef curry udon was super disappointing. There was barely any meat in the udon and the sauce wasn’t thick enough.

Final Verdict: Sanukiya’s udon wins by a landslide. I’ve never had noodles with such wonderful texture and I would gladly return to Sanukiya every day if I could. Kunitoraya was still very good and I would definitely eat there again, but Sanukiya will always be my first choice.

Group Photo

My amazing classmates who came to dinner. Thank you, guys!


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