Chloé. Attitudes. At Le Palais De Tokyo.

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Paris never ceases to amaze me, especially when it comes to the arts. You know what else amazes me? Social media. It’s because of Instagram (thank you @refinergy29; follow me @rbjello) that I learned Chloé opened a brand-new exhibit last weekend.

Palais de Tokyo

Backside of Palais de Tokyo

Paris is full of so many museums and passing exhibits. Everyone knows about the Louvre, Musée D’Orsay and Le Centre Pompidou. But have you ever heard of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris? I had no idea it existed. It dates back from 1937 and reopened in 2001. It’s a crazy building because the outside is Art Deco, but the inside has a warehouse feel with lots of concrete and exposed pipes and brick. It’s one of the largest sites dedicated to contemporary art in Europe. Oh, and the museum is open until midnight. That’s unheard of!

Inside the Exhibition

Inside the Exhibition

Chloe Dresses

Dresses Galore

Gabriella Anoka

Photos of the Creator, Gabriella Anoka

Chloé is celebrating its 60th anniversary and also celebrating the “modern woman.” The exhibit showcases 70 designs from 9 designers, including Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney. The set-up was really interesting. There were these vaulted “boxes” with different themes. You could definitely see the attention to detail given to each box. Every element from the floor to the ceiling corresponded with the theme.


Agrarian Chic, Anyone?

Pop Art

Nothing says fashion quite like a strategically-placed pineapple. We have Ms. Stella McCartney to thank for that design.


This was my favorite stall, Psychedelia. The sinuous lines and Art Nouveau style replicated Aubrey Bearsdley’s artwork (one of my favorite artists).

While I loved the stall idea, I felt like there wasn’t enough history given about Chloé in the exhibit. Yes, there was a timeline, but I wanted to know more about the brand’s roots and evolution. I think I’ve been spoiled with exhibits like New York’s Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty and San Francisco’s Jean Paul Gaultier From The Sidewalk To The CatwalkThe exhibit was much smaller than I expected and there was a stark contrast between the high fashion and the minimalist environment. If you’re a fan of fashion and modern art, it’s worth checking out Chloé. Attitudes. The Palais de Tokyo is such a trip. You have to see the different exhibitions and the fantastic bookstore. I’ve never seen so many art and design publications in one place. Chloé. Attitudes. is only in town until November 8, 2012!

Chloe Blouses

Classic Chloé Blouses


Drawings and Design for a Dress


The Finished Product


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