Chipotle Paris: It Tastes Like America

Chipotle Paris: Tacos and Burrito Bowl

Chipotle Paris: Tacos, burrito bowl and most importantly, guacamole

I dreamt about Mexican food a few nights ago. It was heartbreaking to wake up after dreaming about a carnitas taco from La Taqueria. After I had been warned by multiple Americans that there is no good Mexican food in Paris, I humbly accepted the fact that I would have to wait until I returned back to California to get my carnitas fix. Side note: I can’t find flour tortillas or tortilla chips in this country. I seriously considered making my own from scratch.

Chipotle Paris: Outside

I’ve never been so happy to see American fast food in my life.

Imagine my sheer and utter delight when my classmate Vinnette (the only other American in my program) emailed me the day after my dream about Chipotle in Paris. I had no idea there was a Chipotle in this great city and apparently, it just opened earlier this year in May. We took a special trip to Paris just for Chipotle. Yes, you are reading that correctly. I took the 1.5 hour commute to Paris to eat Chipotle.

Chipotle is in the heart of the city in the 9th arrondissement at 20 Boulevard Montmarte. I was so happy to see that it was exactly like how it is in the U.S. I was worried they wouldn’t have corn (my favorite) or the same salsas.  Fear not, the menu and offerings were completely the same (except for apparently they don’t have white rice, only the brown rice). They even had Chipotle Tabasco sauce!

Chipotle Paris: Menu

Excuse the blurriness, I was too excited.

The best part is that the servers speak English and quite well actually. I ordered three chicken soft tacos and a side of tortilla chips and guacamole and Vinnette ordered a barbacoa burrito bowl. Oh, and we also made sure to order two margaritas. I never realized that Chipotle served margaritas because I always used to go at lunch (and alcohol was never on the mind). Chipotle Paris serves margaritas, beer (I got nostalgic over the Corona beer) and sodas, like Dr. Pepper. I think this may be the only place in the entire city where you can find Dr. Pepper.

Chipotle Paris: Salsa


Everything was delicious and I was so happy that I could have cried. My only complaint was that my tortillas needed to be heated just a little bit longer (the consistency was off; they were slightly too hard). It’s definitely more expensive at 9 euro/main course, but I’m willing to pay the premium for Chipotle. The chips and guacamole were 2.5 euro. I didn’t think that was so ridiculous because avocados are so expensive here! At the local grocery store, they sell avocados for 2.5 euro each! People, we are not talking special organic avocados from Whole Foods. This is 2.5 euro for an avocado from Peru at a normal, grocery store. Margaritas are 5.5 euro per cup (don’t you wish they sold them by the pitchers?), but they’re actually good with a decent amount of alcohol and coarse salt on the rim.

Chipotle Paris: Margaritas

It’s margarita time!

I will TOTALLY be going back to Chipotle and I’m so happy that I can get my quasi-Mexican fix somewhere in Paris. God bless Steve Ellis for wanting to rule the world and expand Chipotle internationally. I think I need to go invest in some Chipotle stock now.

7 thoughts on “Chipotle Paris: It Tastes Like America

  1. Yeah, I was so excited when Chipotle first opened here. I actually don’t think they serve alcohol in most of the Chipotles back home. Next time you’re here and want some really good Mexican food, try Candelaria.

    Regarding tortillas: Thanksgiving in the Marais has both flour tortillas and corn tortilla chips, as does the Monoprix that’s close to it. It’s kind of a trip for you, but if you’re in town it may be worth it to pick up a large package and keep it in your freezer? Also, at some health food stores like Naturalia, you can find “wrap de farine de blé” or something like that, which is basically flour tortillas. Dr. Pepper is sometimes called “Beaujolais du Texas.” 🙂

    • Ooh, I heard about Candelaria from David Lebovitz! You are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Mexican food in Paris. I had no idea Dr. Pepper is called Beaujolais du Texas. So fancy!

      Are you free for coffee/drinks this Saturday? I can meet you in the Marais if it’s easier. Would love to meet up! I don’t know what’s the best way to reach you, but you can email me!

    • You make homemade tortillas look so easy, Amy! They do look delicious. If I get desperate enough, I think I’ll have to attempt it! I’m salivating just looking at the photos of your shrimp tacos.

  2. This post just made my day! I’ve been living in Paris for two and a half months and the one thing I really miss is Mexican food – they just don’t make it right here. I’m so excited to find out there’s a Chipotle here; honestly, after I finish this comment, I may just head right there!

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