Je Suis Parisienne

Invalides Day

The View from my Patio

I’m officially a Parisian! I moved into my new apartment in the 7th arrondissement last Sunday so it’s been exactly one week. I could not be happier. I’m in love with my new place, my neighborhood and just being in the City of Light!

Coutume Cafe

Brunch at Coutume Café

After moving in, Christophe and I went to have brunch at Coutume Café. I had read reviews about Coutume in multiple blogs because all the expats have been raving about their coffee. I was quite happy with my latte and it was one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in this city. The vibe of Coutume was really cool, reminding me of Greenwich Village in New York. The brunch was solid. While nothing blew me completely away, I found the mango yogurt refreshing and I enjoyed my plate of chicken and rice with a side of sweet potatoes. Everything tasted clean and light; I didn’t feel like I was going to roll over and take a nap (which is often how I feel after brunch).

Sanukiya and Dawa

Tempura and udon at Sanukiya (top left and right); Korean rice cakes with kimchi and seafood at Dawa (bottom left); and my own Chinese cooking (bottom right)

Ironically, I had a lot of Asian food and hit up some of favorites like Sanukiya and Dawa. The first meal I made in my kitchen was Chinese food too (although I cheated because I bought that hot and sour soup).

Snow in Paris

Snow in Paris

Me & Snow

On the Bridge by Notre Dame

It’s been an eventful week because it starting snowing this past weekend and the snow is actually sticking. As a native Californian, this is a big deal for me. I’ve been in snow when I’ve gone skiing, but I’ve never been in a major city with snow. This lead to a lot of wandering and taking pictures because this city is absolutely gorgeous in the snow.

Jacques Genin

Caramels, Hot Chocolate and Mille-Feuille at Jacques Genin

I’d been dying to try the thick hot chocolate at Jacques Genin so I was so happy when Diane suggested that we go there after brunch today. We ordered a tasting of caramels, a vanilla mille-feuille and two traditional hot chocolates. The hot chocolate was served piping hot and was so incredibly rich and thick. I have to go back to Angelina and compare and see which one is better. The mille-feuille was AMAZING, but I LOVED the caramels. Jacques Genin has really interesting flavors like honey, ginger and mango passionfruit. My favorites were the classic vanilla and the mango passionfruit. I might just have to buy myself of bag of caramels next time. They were THAT good.

Invalides Night

SQUEAL! I still can’t believe this is the view from my living room.

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