Paris: Bagel Brunch at Sésame and Hand-Cut Noodles at Happy Nouilles

Sésame Paris

Sésame: Freshly squeezed juice, hot chocolate, soft boiled egg and a bagel sandwich!

Ah, comfort food. I’ve been lamenting about how much I miss bagels in Paris. So I was very excited to see bagel sandwiches at Sésame’s brunch. For 22 euro, you get one hot drink, one freshly squeezed juice, soft boiled egg, bagel sandwich, baguette with butter and jam, AND dessert. Talk about a deal! It was seriously too much food. I had to stop eating the baguette to save room for the Asiago bagel sandwich.

Sesame: Pecan Pie and Carrot Cake

Pecan Pie and Carrot Cake

I ordered the “Rachel” sandwich, which had chicken, avocado and honey, while my friend ordered the “Sally” sandwich, which had fresh goat cheese and veggies. For dessert, we ordered the pecan pie and carrot cake. I definitely won with my choices because the Rachel sandwich and carrot cake were delectable. Although it wasn’t the same carrot cake you find in the U.S., it was still flavorful, moist and topped with delicious cream cheese frosting. On top of that, I loved the vibe of the whole restaurant. The waiters were total hipsters. Or, maybe they just dress that way for work? We’ll never know. I felt like I was swept back to New York or even back to the Misson in San Francisco. Their lunch and dinner menu looked really good too because everything seemed fresh and simple (think salads and quiche).

Happy Nouilles

Happy Nouilles

I was happy Diane invited me for a low-key dinner at Happy Nouilles. Happy Nouilles is one of those small, hole in the wall Chinese restaurants that make fresh hand-cut noodles! I ordered the spicy beef noodle soup (辣牛肉面) and Diane ordered the ground pork noodles in miso soup (炸酱面). We split some stir-fried bok choy and a large Tsingtao. There is something so deeply satisfying about a giant bowl of spicy noodles with garlicky vegetables. While my soup was a little too diluted, I really enjoyed my hand-pulled noodles and the texture was perfect. Diane’s soup was definitely more complex and she ordered “hand-cut noodles” (刀削面), which were dense and filling. I’ll gladly return to Happy Nouilles whenever I’m craving Chinese food.

It was so nice to have some comfort food in Paris, especially given the extreme cold and rain we’ve been experiencing. I’ll end this blog post with a wonderful moment from this weekend– a brief respite from the gray and gloom.

Paris Invalides Rainbow

An extremely rare rainbow in Paris!

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