Paris: Pierre Sang Boyer

Pierre Sang laying the final touches on dessert

Pierre Sang laying the final touches on dessert (photo by:

I know that I talked about Frenchie being my best meal in Paris, but Pierre Sang Boyer (55 rue Oberkampf) gives Gregory Marchand a run for his money. How good is Pierre Sang? I ate there twice in one week.

First Meal at Pierre Sang

First Meal at Pierre Sang

Pierre Sang: Beautiful Plating

Beautiful Plating

Diane was kind enough to introduce Pierre Sang to me. The restaurant does not take any reservations (they don’t even have a phone line) and has mostly counter seating with a few tables upstairs as well as downstairs. I would definitely opt for arriving early and grabbing a seat at the counter to watch the magic unfold.

Pierre Sang Sous Chef

It is practically lunch and a show

The menu changes daily and is based completely on whatever local produce the chef is inspired by. For lunch, diners can choose the “simple” (2 courses), “initial” (3 courses) or “freestyle” (4 courses + cheese). Freestyle is the way to go. For 35 euro, you can watch Chef Sang unveil his culinary genius before your eyes. Lunch was so amazing that I had to take Amy (click to read her review) back the same week.

Pierre Sang: First Course

First course: Razor clams marinated in red wine with asparagus, anise, pickled onions and olives

Pierre Sang: second course

Second course: Smoked haddock with grapefruit rinds, cauliflower, shaved carrots, salsify, served with lemon sauce and herb foam

Pierre Sang: Third Course

Third course: Pork in red wine reduction served atop wild rice with napa cabbage, alongside mushrooms, fried garlic, and shaved turnip

Pierre Sang: Cheese Course

Cheese course: Cheese served with a coconut and yogurt cream sprinkled with white chocolate shavings and cracked black pepper

Pierre Sang: Dessert

Dessert: Opera cake with chocolate and coffee layers served in pineapple sauce with peas marinated in cardamom and tarragon, topped with a macaron and sliced strawberry

Pierre Sang was a finalist on Top Chef France 2011 and I can definitely see why. What I liked most about him though is just how friendly and down to earth he seems. He talks to every customer, spends time explaining cooking techniques to interns and isn’t afraid to wash his own dishes. 

Inside the Restaurant

Inside Pierre Sang

I’m not going to describe every single bite of each course. I’ll simply say– go eat at Pierre Sang! If it is the only meal you have in Paris, you won’t regret it.

5 thoughts on “Paris: Pierre Sang Boyer

    • I finally tried their dinner last night. While it was still good, I think I’m a bigger fan of his lunch. Definitely will always be one of my faves in Paris!

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