Day Trip to Macau


A couple of weekends ago, I took a day trip to Macau with my mother. I had only been to Macau once before so it was interesting to check out the big hotels and casinos. We braved the blistering hot weather (over 90 degrees) and first went to the Grand Lisboa hotel, which is owned by Stanley Ho. Ho is the richest man in Macau and known as the “King of Gambling.”

Left: Inside the Grand Lisboa; Right: The Star of Stanley Ho Diamond

Left: Inside the Grand Lisboa; Right: The Star of Stanley Ho Diamond

It was fascinating to visit the Grand Lisboa because it was full of Ho’s antique collection and also home to the “The Star of Stanley Ho” diamond. At just over 218 carats, it is the largest cushion shaped, Flawless, D colored diamond in the world.

Don Alfonso

Lunch at Don Alfonso where I met Chef Alfonso, himself!

Besides wanting to visit one of the most famous hotels in Macau, my mother wanted to eat at Don Alfonso. Apparently, the restaurant is the highest Michelin-rated restaurant in Southern Italy and we were lucky enough to be dining the same day that Chef Alfonso was in town.

Don Alfonso Pasta

Top left: A cornucopia of bread choices; Top right: Gnocchi with artichoke and truffles; Botton left: “Vesuvio” pasta; Bottom right: Fancy purse stand

Don Alfonso Dessert

Top left: Strawberries and gelato; Top right: Tiramisu, Botton: DESSERT TABLE!

Lunch was absolutely delicious and I can confidently say that Don Alfonso has the best tiramisu that I’ve ever tasted. Plus, they have an entire DESSERT table, full of small treats. It felt like trick-or-treating for adults.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the City of Dreams and visiting the other hotels. While we visited the casinos, I had no idea how to play any of the card games (other than blackjack) so I didn’t gamble. I spent a good 15-20 minutes just trying to make sense of what was happening on the table, but alas, I walked away even more confused.

City of Dreams

Reminiscent of Vegas, right?

It was a fun little escape from Hong Kong, but I definitely want to go back for an entire weekend. I feel like there is so much of Macau to explore (and many gambling games to learn).

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