Singapore: Traditional Hainan Chicken Rice at Yet Con

Singapore: Yet Con

Yet Con

I love the internet. Because of my last Singapore blog post, an old classmate from study abroad, Jason, reached out to me and we had lunch together today. We had studied abroad in Beijing and hadn’t seen each other in over 6 years! If it were not for the power of social media, I probably wouldn’t have found out about Yet Con.

Singapore: Yet Con Entrance

Yet Con Entrance

When Jason asked me what I wanted to eat, I had two things on my list: laksa and Hainan chicken rice. He took me to Yet Con (25 Purvis St.), one of the oldest restaurants serving this traditional dish. Purvis Street is lined with colonial-esque houses reminiscent of Old Singapore. However, most of these old buildings are filled with modern, chic restaurants. Yet Con has managed to keep its local charm.

Jason explained to me that Yet Con has been in the same spot since 1940 and maintained its reputation as a famous Hainan chicken rice/coffee shop. We were quick to order the Hainan chicken, two bowls of rice, pork chop and mixed vegetables with seafood. After seeing the locals surrounded by cups of ice limeade, I had to order one. Jason stayed true to Yet Con roots and ordered an iced coffee.

Yet Con food

Top left: Iced coffee and limeade; Top right: Pork chop; Bottom left: Menu; Bottom middle: Hainan chicken; Bottom right: Mixed vegetables with seafood and meat

Yet Con Sauce

Plenty of sauce! From right to left: Dark soy sauce, chili sauce, ginger sauce and normal soy sauce

The chicken was tender and lean, but I felt it lacked any real flavor. I appreciated the ample jars of sauce so that I could slather on as much as I wanted. The rice had nice flavoring and the vegetables were good too. The real star of the meal was the Oriental-style pork chop. It was breaded, deep-fried, served with onions and potatoes and topped with a delicious sauce. I could not get enough of it. Jason told me the pork chop dish is his favorite and that he probably should have advertise Yet Con as a pork chop restaurant rather than Hainan chicken. He also told me that he has never seen any other restaurant in Singapore cook and serve pork chop the same way. Considering the man has lived in Singapore for most of his life, I trust his statement.

I would highly recommend Yet Con if you’re looking for a restaurant with a little bit of cultural flair. Definitely order yourself the pork chop and glass of ice coffee! Major thanks to Jason for taking me to such a historic place.

2 thoughts on “Singapore: Traditional Hainan Chicken Rice at Yet Con

  1. To eat the traditional chicken in the way as old as the restaurant, you should add light soya source onto the plate of chicken to start with. Not the black thick source. You will find that the chicken would come with a different flavor altogether. This is the way how the old pioneer Hainanese and Chinese enjoy boiled chicken.

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