Hong Kong: Fine Dining at Aqua

Nigiri Platter at Aqua

Nigiri Platter at Aqua

Aqua is well-known for having the best harbor views of Hong Kong. Located on the 29th floor at 1 Peking Road, the view was breathtaking with tall ceilings and glass windows enveloping the whole room. I appreciated how much space was in between each table. I think I’ve gotten too use to the crowded bistro environment in Paris where you can’t even leave your seat without a waiter moving the table or you end up unintentionally eavesdropping on the conversation happening one table over. This was a private dining experience.

Left: Squid ink pasta with uni sauce; right: nigiri platter

Left: Squid ink pasta with uni sauce; right: nigiri platter

Aqua serves Italian and Japanese food on two separate menus (Aqua Roma & Aqua Tokyo) and the menus are both quite extensive. My mother and I started the meal with a beautiful nigiri platter. Each piece of nigiri was incredibly smooth and buttery with the fish melting in your mouth. For my main dish, I ordered the squid ink pasta with uni sauce and mussels. While I appreciated the texture and consistency of my pasta, I wasn’t in love with the sauce. It was rich and very heavy. This seems to be a recurring problem whenever I order pasta with uni sauce. I need to stop getting my hopes up and stop ordering things with uni sauce.

Aqua: Foie Gras

Foie Gras

My mother ordered the pan-seared foie gras, which was served hot on a piece of brioche toast and topped with cherries. This dish was much more promising compared to my pasta dish. I love any foie gras dish served with fruit because I think the sweet and savory combination is absolutely perfect. The sweetness of the fruit helps cut the richness of the foie gras.

Aqua: Harbor View

Aqua: Harbor View

Despite the rainy weather, the view was amazing. The timing was perfect and I actually got to watch the sun set over Hong Kong. I could definitely see Aqua as an excellent destination to celebrate a special occasion and it is the perfect spot for a romantic date. The service was also excellent and I was tended to very closely.

They have a private dining room, which is absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t want to take any photos of it because there was an event happening. Not like I’m planning one, but it would be a great venue for a rehearsal dinner/company holiday party. In terms of the food, I recommend sticking with the Aqua Tokyo menu over the Aqua Roma one. Aqua– a nice place to treat yo self!

Inside Aqua

Inside Aqua

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