Hong Kong: French Michelin Dining at Pierre

Blue Lobster Aiguilettes Served with Summer Cabbage and Frozen Raspberries

Blue Lobster Aiguilettes Served with Summer Cabbage and Frozen Raspberries

Pierre in Hong Kong is the famed restaurant inside the Mandarin Oriental, coming from French chef Pierre Gagnaire. Years ago, I had his six-course dinner at his restaurant in Las Vegas, Twist. It was an absolutely sublime meal and I was excited to repeat this experience at his two Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong.

Inside Pierre

Inside Pierre

Beautiful Plate of Amuse Bouche and Bread

Beautiful Plate of Amuse Bouche and Bread

I came for an early birthday dinner celebration and partook in the seven-course summer tasting menu. The service was superb and they even gave me a menu to take home (perfect for my blog!). I apologize for the low-lighting photos. I didn’t want to disturb everyone’s meal with my camera flash going off at every course.

Pierre: First Course

First Course

Summer Tasting Menu by Pierre Gagnaire 2013

Crab meat, baby squids and cucumber coated with button mushroom jelly. Stuffed brioche with spider crab and grapefruit. Sardine infusion, olive oil sherbet.

Poached line-caught sea bass lightly salted with fresh herbs. Eggplant and coarsely chopped tomato; emulsified green bell pepper juice.

Borloti coco beans timbale thickened with velvety foie gras/green curry soup. Pan-sautéed girolle mushroom with fresh almond.

Blue lobster “aiguilettes” almost raw. Summer cabbage with parmesan/pistachio/frozen raspberry.

Roasted rump of veal flavoured with oregeno, sweet onion purée with smoked lard. Tiny artichoke poivrade, arugula and celery sticks. Minted garden peas ice cream.

Roasted goat cheese with rhubarb, elder flower jam/aged white balsamic vinegar. Fourme d’Ambert, stuffed Bergeron apricot with ricotta. Ossou-Iraty and aged Cantal, celeriac cream, Izarra granita.

Pierre Gagnaire’s grand dessert.

Pierre: Second Course

Pierre: Second Course

I’m not going to go into detail about every single course. What I like most about Pierre Gagnaire’s food is not just the fact that it is so inventive. I also like how often there are often smaller dishes served on the side that complement the main dish so well. It is so much fun to try so many different things at once and still have the tastes be harmonious.

Pierre: Third Course

Pierre: Third Course

I really enjoyed the lobster (perfect consistency) and veal (so tender and the sweet onion purée was to die for). However, my FAVORITE course was actually the cheese course! This was the first time I was served a cheese course that was most than just slices of cheese with nuts/fruits/quince/etc. It was a well-thought out course that was absolutely gorgeous to look at and also eat.

Pierre: Fourth Course

Pierre: Fourth Course

Plus, the restaurant manager was incredibly sweet (excellent opportunity to practice French) and they surprised me with a birthday dessert. If you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, Pierre is a fantastic restaurant with great views and out-of-the-box fusion cooking.

Pierre: Fifth Course and Cheese Course

Pierre: Fifth Course and Cheese Course

Pierre: Dessert

It’s hard to see, but there are about six desserts happening in this photo. My favorite was the cherries with licorice ice cream on the right.


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    Yes! You will, indeed!
    (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)”
    ― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

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