Hong Kong: Fresh and Healthy Meals at Locofama

Happy Avocado at Locofama

Happy Avocado at Locofama

Locofama (11 Fuk Sau Lane, between 2nd and 3rd Street and Western Street) just opened in August 2013 and my friend recommended that I check it out. After a late night at the office, I decided to pop in for a solo dinner. Locofama is hidden in an alleyway and it was so hard to find that my taxi driver even got lost! I was rewarded with a quaint restaurant tucked in the corner of the alleway.

Locofama Restaurant

Inside Locofama

Locofama promotes healthy, fresh and nutritious meals. I walked in and was immediately tempted by the ox tail pasta, which was wafting from the table next to me. I settled in with a fresh glass of orange, carrot and ginger juice that was served in a beautiful mason glass.

I unintentionally ended up ordering very Japanese-fusion food, starting with the “happy avocado.” It was an avocado halved and topped generously  with fresh tuna and salmon. The fish was so incredibly fresh and I honestly can’t remember the last time I had tuna so fresh. I love avocado so I was a happy camper and greedily scooped up every last bit from my hollow shell.

Oolong Tea Soba Noodles

Oolong Tea Soba Noodles

For my main course, I ordered the oolong tea soba noodles, which was served cold with a creamy sesame sauce and pickled mushrooms. It was a simple but satisfying meal. The portion was actually quite large and I could only eat half of it. My friend who recommended the restaurant swore by the 48-hour cooked short ribs and poached egg with truffle salmon/bacon. If I ever go back, I’d gladly order the short ribs or oxtail pasta.

Locofama Store

Locofama Store

Next to the restaurant is a cute grocery store selling organic snacks and baby products. It reminded me of a mini Whole Foods. There was actually a small table in the middle of the store and one of the staff members explained to me that you can reserve it for a private dinner or event. It seemed like a nice place to celebrate a birthday dinner.

My only problem with Locofama is that they have one chef for the entire restaurant! Considering that both of my dishes were cold and required very little prep, I was getting annoyed that I had to wait close to an hour for my food. I was hoping for a “quick” meal after work and I was just tired and wanted to go home. I’m sure if I had company, the time would have passed by more quickly and the experience would have been more enjoyable. So I would recommend going early before it gets really busy and backed up with orders. Also, it’s not close to a MTR so you will have to take a cab to Sheung Wan/Western. Let the driver know you want to go to Second St. and Western St. and then you can just walk down the alleyway easily.


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