Shanghai: Peace and Solitude at Zen Café

Zen Café on Dongping Road

Zen Café on Dongping Road

During my first week in Shanghai, Lana took me to Zen Café in the French Concession (7 Dongping Road; 东平路7号). I’m so glad that I had her as a guide because I don’t think I would have ever found it on my own. The café is located on the 2nd floor of Zen Store, which sells expensive home items. While I had been to the store multiple times, I never realized there was an actual café located through a back door and up a flight of stairs. I recently took another friend who has been living in Shanghai for years and she never realized there was a café in the store either.


Zen Café oozes charm. It’s the type of place where I feel like you could spend a lazy afternoon reading a book or writing your next novel. It was so cozy with eclectic Chinese furniture pieces mixed in with Western modern art. You can settle down with a cup of coffee, pot of tea or fresh juice. I really loved how the place is hidden, making it feel like a special secret for those privelege few.


While prices are a little bit expensive (50 RMB for a pot of tea, 40 RMB for a medium-sized glass of juice), I feel like you’re paying for the ambiance (and the chance to sip out of fancy china) and for a moment of solitude and quiet.

Zen Cafe

I think I’ve found my new favorite spot to take friends to catch up on a gossip session or just to enjoy a quiet moment by myself.

Zen Cafe Exterior


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