Dutch Pies in Shanghai

Dutch Pies in Shanghai

Dutch Pies in Shanghai

The great thing about my current company is that it is super multicultural so I’m meeting people from all around the world. One of my co-workers/friends is Dutch and we started having a whole conversation about Dutch things in America. All I could think about was “going Dutch,” Dutch Crunch bread and Dutch apple pie. When I mentioned Dutch apple pie, she told me there was a bakery called Dutch Pies in Shanghai that specialized in homemade pies.

Shortly afterward, the link to Dutch Pies was sent to me and I found myself salivating over my keyboard at all the different varieties. I wanted to try them all (imagine the Pokémon theme song going on in my head– “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”). We ordered an apple pie that week and I introduced her to the age old American tradition of eating apple pie à la mode. I was seriously shocked when she had never heard of heating apple pie and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I felt like she had been deprived her entire life from enjoying a classic American dish.

Grandma's Apple Pie at Dutch Pies

Grandma’s Apple Pie at Dutch Pies Shanghai

The apple pie is absolutely amazing. It is quite honestly one of the best apple pies I’ve ever eaten in my life. I’m usually not the biggest fan of crust, but this crust is buttery, flaky and with a little bit of a “cake-y” texture. The inside of the pie was filled to the brim with fresh apple slices and raisins dancing in a cinnamon swirl glaze. When we warmed our pie up, the entire room smelled like buttery, cinnamon goodness. After adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I was literally in pie heaven. Correction: I also had a cup of black coffee to accompany my pie. Now, I was in pie heaven.

Since then, we’ve started and invited members to the Dutch Asian American Pie Club (DAAPC) where we plan on conquering the full roster of pies. Our second pie was a cherry rice pudding pie. I had never had rice pudding pie before, but my Dutch friends tell me it’s a local specialty in their home country.

Inaugural DAAPC Club Pie: Cherry with Rice Pudding Topping

Inaugural DAAPC Club Pie: Cherry with Rice Pudding Topping

The cherry rice pie was slightly disappointing compared to the apple one. I really enjoyed the big pieces of cherry, but the filling was too wet and so the pie was soggy. This may have been my own fault though because I didn’t refrigerate it before serving it. But I felt like the crust wasn’t as tasty as the apple one. The rice pudding was really interesting. It was much lighter than I expected and almost tasted like tapioca meringue. My fellow DAAPC members told me that the consistency and taste of the rice pudding wasn’t quite right.

The pies range from 158 RMB to 198 RMB (plus delivery fee if you live outside 3km of Jiangsu Road/Changning Road), but I definitely feel like you’re paying for quality ingredients. The pies are around 9-inches in diameter and the filling is about 1-inch tall. You only need to place an order 24 hours in advance. When I filled my order out online, the person responding was super quick and really friendly. I would totally recommend Dutch Pies to any of my friends in Shanghai, especially if you want to order a pie for a special occasion.


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