Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big holiday in China. This is partly because China has their own Valentine’s Day (七夕), which is July 7 on the lunar calendar. I knew about China, but my friend told me that Brazil celebrates their “Lover’s Day” on June 12. Who knew there were so many different days celebrating love around the world?

Henry Cavill Valentine

I digress. This year, I decided to go back to the age old tradition of when you’re in grade school and you would trade Valentine’s Days cards with your friends. I still remember picking out the “better” cards and setting them aside for my best friends. February 14 was the best and I’d come back with a big shoebox of red, pink and white cards. If I was really lucky, some of those cards would be filled with Life Savers candies.

Rather than give my friends heart-shaped letters, I decided what could be better than a Valentine with an extremely attractive man on it? Granted a lot of these are inside jokes, but I honestly had way too much fun making them and had to share (side note: friends’ names have been changed to protect their privacy).

Claire loves Henry Cavill. I honestly had no clue who the guy was and I have yet to see Man of Steel. I originally wanted to do a play on “Baby, you’re my Kyrptonite,” but then I was too inspired by the Fortress of Solitude. Because let’s face it. What girl doesn’t want to be whisked away by Superman to his castle?

Ryan Gosling Valentine

I seriously had never heard of Sambal until maybe a couple of months ago. It’s an Indonesian hot sauce that you can’t really find in Shanghai. Ann has to smuggle it in or get friends to smuggle it in for her. I have never seen anyone eat hot sauce straight from a jar. That’s how much Ann’s love for Sambal transcends everything. She can literally take a spoon and just eat Sambal (much like a person eats peanut butter straight from the jar). Originally, this Valentine said “Hey Girl, I made you some bacon,” but it absolutely had to be changed to Sambal for Ann.

Daniel Henney Valentine

In case you don’t recognize him, this is Daniel Henney– popular Korean American model and actor. He was the face of Shiseido Men in Japan and also the handsome American doctor in the popular K-Drama, My Lovely Sam Soon. I work in the optical business and just had to use this cheesy pick-up line on Amanda. It was too good not to use.

Bradley Cooper Valentine

This is probably the most obscure Valentine because it’s really an inside joke. Katherine is Dutch and introduced me to Tattas be like. Tattas be like went viral in Holland and features a bunch of memes that people post on Facebook. The memes make fun of Dutch people by playing up their stereotypes. Katherine had to sit next to me and translate each photo for me to actually understand what all the references were. Anyways, this one goes out to Katherine because Bradley Cooper is a gentleman and would never split a check with her.

Hope you enjoyed my homemade cards! Go out and enjoy the day with that special someone. Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. actually there are also another valentine`s day afyer the western one this year at the end of celebrating LNY and this year it`s 15 🙂 beside average young guy cannot forget about western valentine`s – his gf looses face in school or working place if she tells her bf forgot haha 🙂 of course not every! but I know a lot who can even make up their own celebration dates haha 🙂

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