Milan Street Eats

Milan: cioccolati italiani gelato

Milan: Cioccolati Italiani gelato

This summer was quite busy with two trips to Italy (one for work and one for play) and so there’s plenty of delicious Milan street eats to share! Probably one of my favorite gelato shops is Cioccolati Italiani (Via San Raffaele 6), which is right behind Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The best part about this place is that you can choose a flavor of melted chocolate (white, milk or dark) to add to your cone. Talk about the best idea ever! It reminded me of being a kid and eating a Nestle Drumstick and having the last bite be filled with delectable chocolate. While they are famous for their chocolate flavors, I find them too rich (it was the first time I couldn’t finish my gelato). I definitely prefer the fruit and yogurt or fruit and fior di latte combination.

Luini Panzerotti

Luini Panzerotti

Right across the street from Cioccolati Italiani is the famous Luini Panzerotti (Via Santa Radegonda,16). Panzerotti is basically a mini calzone but with a more fluffy dough. Luini offers sweet and salty panzerotti that are either baked or fried. My friend and I ordered one fried ham and mozzarella and one ricotta and cheese. The sweet one did not do much for me because they’re baked and with a more cookie-like dough. The savory one was definitely more promising, but I almost wish they could be served hotter and fresher. With a huge line out the door, they already have them prepared and in a glass case so I can understand wanting to move the line quickly. Considering the hype, it was a little disappointing. I’d recommend saving more room in your stomach for gelato.

Spontini Pizza

Spontini Pizza

One of the best things that I ate was the deep dish pizza at Spontini (Via Santa Radegonda 11). There are quite a few of them in Milan, but the one I ate at was also close to Luini. This pizzeria is super casual and only has standing tables to eat at. They only offer three types of pizza, but it’s reasonably priced at about 3-5 EUR/piece. I loved this pizza and it’s piled high with fresh tomato sauce and LOTS of cheese.

Mercato Metropolitano

Mercato Metropolitano

I landed at Mercato Metropolitano (Via Valenza, 2; Porta Genova) by accident when I started wandering aimlessly while visiting the Navigli. It’s a really cool farmer’s market and also had tons of street food stalls. It reminded me of the Farmer’s Market in San Francisco. I was there really early so didn’t try much of the food, but everything looked so fresh and divine. If you’re in Milan, I recommend checking it out this really cool space.

Milan Eataly

Milan Eataly

While technically not street eats, it’s hard to talk about food in Milan without mentioning Eataly (Piazza XXV Aprile, 10). Eataly is a giant supermarket filled with produce from all around Italy. Within the market are different mini restaurants, each with a certain theme. For example, one restaurant may only serve pasta and pizza while another one specializes in seafood dishes. I love exploring Eataly (especially the candy aisle) and would definitely recommend you to try one of their restaurants. If I had a spirit animal, it would be Eataly.

5 thoughts on “Milan Street Eats

  1. Despite living in Milan, I still haven’t tried the panzerotti from Luini! You have reminded me I need to! I also love Eataly and can’t go there without spending money! 🙂

    • I love your blog! Your adventures in Milan look like so much fun. I’m totally guilty of walking out of Eataly and spending 50 EUR on different sweet treats. 😉 Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post!

      • Thank you so much and for the follow! Hehe…for me I normally leave with jars of eucalyptus honey and organic clipper tea, as well as some biscuits and sweets! I look forward to reading all your posts…although it does make me very hungry! 🙂

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