Lake Como and the City of Bellagio

rbjello|Lake Como

Lake Como

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Lake Como and that dream finally became a realization this summer. I took a day tour from Milan with Zani Viaggi to visit this famous lake. From Milan, a bus drove us to the city of Como where we visited some sights and then took a two hour boat road to the city of Bellagio. I can definitely see why George Clooney has a villa in Como. It seems like the perfect summer vacation spot. My photos can’t really do justice to just how beautiful the scenery was, but I wanted to share a few.

Lake Como2

Lake Como3

Lake Como4

Moltrasio Port

Bellagio was also a gem. This small city was filled with steep staircases and little stores and restaurants hidden in alleyways. I had a relaxing lunch at La Fontana of fresh pacherri pasta with zucchini and clams and some awesome gelato at Gelateria del Borgo. There were plenty of shops selling handmade Italian leather goods and cookware.


One of my favorite photos in Bellagio

Steep staircases and delicious food in Bellagio

Steep staircases and delicious food in Bellagio

Bellagio Port

Bellagio Port

From Bellagio, the bus drove us back to Milan, just in time for dinner. I would highly recommend booking the Lake Como day tour with Zani Viaggi. Our tour guide was extremely friendly and knowledgable and all the logistics were handled very well. You can book a day trip through

Lake Como Cruise

Lake Como Cruise


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