Hong Kong: Pololi and Sunday’s Grocery

Pololi Poke Bowl

Poke and Spam Musubi at Hong Kong’s Pololi

I really miss Hong Kong sometimes because I just feel that the food scene is far more exciting compared to Shanghai. I think it’s the fact that Hong Kong has more options for reasonably priced food compared to Shanghai.

I’m extremely wary about eating raw fish in Shanghai, but I’m a lot more trusting in Hong Kong. When I saw a friend post photos of the Hawaiian-style poke at Pololi (213 Queen’s Road Central; Sheung Wan), I knew that I had to go.


Pololi Storefront

Pololi is a small take-out place nestled in Sheung Wan, just past a wet market. For your poke bowl, you can pick white or brown rice, salad or a combo of both rice and salad. You can pick up to two flavors of fresh fish too. I chose the Thai tuna and salmon combo. I really liked the lemongrass and slightly spicy flavors in the tuna and the salmon had some nice fat to round out my poke bowl. Everything was so fresh, flavorful and filling. I was pretty darn excited when I saw they also served spam musubi. If you’ve never had spam musubi before, it’s basically pan-fried spam sushi with teriyaki sauce. You can’t go wrong by ordering it.

Sundays Grocery Food

Sunday’s Grocery: Scotch Egg Sandwich, Fried Chicken and Chickpea Salad

Another exciting discovery in Hong Kong was Sunday’s Grocery (66-68 Catchick Street; Kennedy Town). I never had the chance to eat at Yardbird, but I was really excited to hear that founders opened a casual storefront in Kennedy Town. Sunday’s Grocery is part liquor store, part take-out sandwich shop. It’s a small storefront and actually could easily be missed among the hustle and bustle.

Sundays Grocery

If you can, I’d highly recommend that you visit Sunday’s Grocery on a Saturday. It’s the only time they serve their fried chicken and I think also the only time you can get the Scotch Egg sandwich. For the fried chicken, you can order original or Korean-style or half/half. My friend and I decided to get the combination of both. In Hong Kong, you can find a special breed of chicken that is extremely high quality. The chicken fat is actually yellow and not white. I was very pleasantly surprised to bite into my fried chicken and discover that it was this special breed! It was extra tasty and also tender. I actually preferred the original flavor over the Korean-style because the Korean chicken was too sweet for my liking.

I love scotch eggs and could not resist ordering the scotch egg sandwich. This was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten in my life. My soft-boiled egg was deep-fried in a coating of minced meat (I want to guess it was chicken or pork). I was so impressed by everything. The egg was fried perfectly. The meat coating was seasoned and actually juicy and not dry. By having the soft-boiled egg, you had a beautiful oozing egg yolk coating each bite. The sandwich is small so I definitely recommend ordering a side of the chickpea salad. I literally do not know what they put in the chickpea salad that made it so tasty, but there were small pieces of roasted cauliflower and deep-fried falafel croutons sprinkled on top. I think I could have eaten a half-gallon of this chickpea salad.

I will admit that the prices are not cheap at Sunday’s Grocery as a sandwich is 88 HKD and definitely on the small side (I think I could eat three of them). Also, since this is a take-out place, there’s really no seating. You can either sit outside on small milk crates or stand at a very small counter for two people. It’s a no frills establishment, but definitely a place to try out in Kennedy Town.

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