Hong Kong: Dim Sum at The Boss and the Social Place

The Boss Dim Sum

The Boss Dim Sum

I love dim sum and when my friend recommended The Boss (58-62 Queen’s Road, Central) for their truffle noodles, I knew that I had to try it for myself. Located in the basement in a building across the street from Topshop, The Boss is actually a 1-Michelin star restaurant. Based on the photos online and their website, dinner looks to be spectacular, albeit a bit expensive. Dim sum, which is only offered at lunch on the weekends, seems like a good compromise.

Not knowing what to expect, The Boss’s decor was fancier than I anticipated and also smaller. I definitely recommend making reservations because the entire place did end up filling up. The dim sum was quite good. I really liked the har gau (shrimp dumplings), the outside skin was delicate and thin, but the inside was bursting with fresh pieces of shrimp. The siu mai was also nicely executed and I like their crispy spring rolls. The real star was the truffle noodles. I know it may sound weird to have truffle in Asian food, but this dish was so simple and so tasty. It’s just noodles, bean sprouts and truffles that have been stir-fried, but there is so much flavor in each bite. The Boss’s liu sha bao (salted egg yolk custard bun) was also amazing. My only mistake was eating it last when it had cooled down and so the filling wasn’t runny like it should have been.

Hong Kong: The Social Place

Hong Kong: Social Place

Another restaurant that is more well-known for their contemporary dim sum is the Social Place (139 Queen’s Road Central, Central). The Social Place’s decor was quite modern and their big center table was actually a bright blue ping pong table. They served some really creative and pretty dim sum, including mushroom buns and rose buns. It’s amazing how realistic they make the mushroom buns look like a shitake mushroom and the filling has truffle oil inside.

The Social Place- Food

Social Place Chinese Fusion Dishes

Another signature dish is the quail, which has crispy skin on the inside and succulent meat on the inside. We ordered a few more dishes like the scallops with tea leaves and stir-fried Chinese broccoli, which was cut to look like beautiful vines. One dish that I didn’t like was the diced beef with wasabi peas and cucumbers. I didn’t really think wasabi and beef made a good combination and having uncooked cucumbers mixed in was just strange.

The Social Place is a good option if you want to take guests to have a non-traditional Chinese meal. I also like the fact that you can order dim sum at dinner too, not just lunch. Perhaps the best part is that the restaurant is in the same building at Ten Feet Tall, a great place to get foot or full body massage. So you can treat yourself to a massage and then head down a few floors to enjoy dim sum at the Social Place.


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