3 Days of Eating in Boston


Boston from the Prudential Tower

Even though I had only been once, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Boston. I fell in love with all of the history and architecture and always vowed to go back. It took almost 20 years, but I finally made my triumphant return.

B and G Oyster

B&G Oysters

Fried Clams and Lobster Roll

Fried Clams and Lobster Roll

My sole goal in Boston was to eat a lobster roll. My Bostonian friends happily obliged and took me to B&G Oysters (550 Tremont St.). This hip restaurant has cute outdoor seating, a seafood bar and a few high tables scattered throughout the restaurant.

B&G Oysters Food

B&G Oysters Food

We ordered a medley of food, including raw oysters, fried oysters, fried clams, gnocchi with calamari and lobster rolls. Everything was absolutely amazing, but I had to admit that the fried oysters and clams were standouts for me. My lobster roll was served cold and mixed with a bit of mayo and chives. I was really happy that the mayo was not overwhelming and that the sweetness of the lobster flesh could really shine. I would completely recommend B&G Oysters if you’re looking for a Boston seafood experience.

Yankee Lobster: Fried Scallop and Lobster Roll

Yankee Lobster Company: Fried Scallop and Lobster Roll

When said B&G Oysters friends asked what else I wanted to eat, I simply replied: “More lobster rolls.” They recommended Yankee Lobster Company (300 Northern Ave.). Facing the water on the pier, Yankee Lobster is a casual and no-frills spot where you order your food and quickly grab a table. I completely enjoyed the casual vibe and quick service. After reading multiple reviews, I knew that I had to order the fried scallops. I would order these every day if I could. Juicy, succulent scallops in a light batter with tangy tartar sauce is definitely up there in my ranks of favorite foods (besides lobster rolls). My lobster roll also did not fail to disappoint. Served hot with a simple preparation of hot butter on a perfectly toasted bun, I liked it even more than B&G Oysters version. If you’re visiting the Institute of Contemporary Art, Yankee Lobster is a great option for a quick lunch, dinner or even afternoon snack!

Regina Fenway Park

Fenway Park

Speaking of quick meals, Boston has a plethora of pizza by the slice options. I decided to try Regina Pizzeria (multiple locations) since there was one walking distance from Fenway Park. You really can’t beat a huge slice of pizza for an affordable price. I also recommend taking a tour of Fenway Park. The guide was so enthusiastic, knowledgable and fun. Plus, how often do you get to visit America’s oldest ballpark?

The Spread at Moonshine 152

The Spread at Moonshine 152

One of the up and coming neighborhoods in Boston is South Boston aka. Southie, which is full of awesome restaurants like Moonshine 152 (152 Dorchester Ave.). Full disclosure: I grew up with the owner and chef, Asia Mei and I consider her to be like a cousin. However, it wouldn’t have clouded my judgement because Asia is a talented and fantastic chef. My friends and I went for brunch and feasted on tater tot poutine, French toast sticks, grilled avocado, a peach and fried prosciutto salad and omelette. That French toast was seriously one of the best French toasts I’ve ever had. It’s not a custard-style French toast, but little deep-fried fritters that aren’t oily or greasy. They tasted like churros with a raspberry dipping sauce and I love churros.

I really liked how Asia would throw in nods to her Asian heritage. The tater tot poutine is topped with Chinese sausage, gravy, green onions and white cheddar cheese. The grilled avocado had an Asian slaw with peanuts. She serves brunch, dinner and even late night eats. I wish I could have gone for dinner because there are even more fusion dishes. It leaves something to desire for my next trip.

Barcelona South

Barcelona South End

Beside B&G Oysters, another spectacular restaurant in the South End is Barcelona South End (525 Tremont St.). Serving untraditional tapas, I highly recommend ordering the grilled hanger steak with truffle vinaigrette, charred broccoli and paella. One of the star dishes was the squid ink fideos with calamari and garlic aioli. I had never had fideos before but it is similar to paella, only instead of rice, the dish uses noodles. I loved how the bottom of the pan would get crispy and the garlic aioli perfectly complemented the squid ink. I’d go back just for this dish because it was so unique and flavorful.

Boston Public Market Treats

Boston Public Market Treats

It would be very remiss of me if I didn’t try and take advantage of all the treats that Boston has to offer. Inside the Boston Public Market is a veritable cornucopia of food options. What is even more impressive is that they are all local vendors from New England. My friend told me that I had to try the apple cider donuts from Appleton Farms. I could not resist after seeing them freshly made before my eyes. Mini donuts with apple cider are fried and then tossed in a beautiful cinnamon sugar mixture. I ate mine hot and it was like eating a cloud-like churro (I can’t get enough of churros). The apple cider made the donut so light and fluffy and I probably could have easily ate half a dozen right at that moment. When I was on my Boston Duck Tour, our friendly tour guide recommended Crescent Ridge ice cream. I saved enough room in my stomach for a scoop of their raspberry and chocolate chip ice cream.

Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery + Cafe (multiple locations) comes up a lot when researching places to eat in Boston. I wish I had the stomach to have tried more things, but I only ordered their famous sticky bun and a ham and cheese croissant. The croissant was a total pass. It was way too heavy, dense and just greasy between the butter from the croissant and the cheese inside. The sticky bun redeemed the trip and would be a pecan lover’s paradise. I would definitely go back to Flour Bakery to try some of their cookies, cakes or pie.

Union Oyster House

Union Oyster House

Finally, I have to mention the Union Oyster House (41 Union St.), which is the oldest restaurant in America. It would be cool to visit just for its historic value, but I recommend stopping by for a meal. At the very least, grab a seat a their counter for a hearty bowl of clam chowder and corn bread. The environment is lively and the clam chowder will warm your soul. From the Union Oyster House, you can walk easily to the Boston Public Market and grab yourself an apple cider donut.

While it looks like all I did was eat, I actually squeezed in a ton of sightseeing and recommend the following:

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