I Left my Stomach in NYC

MMM... Doughnuts

I went to New York over President’s Day weekend and it was another glorious weekend of eating and shopping. It would probably take me close to a decade to detail all of my meals so I’ll just pick the best of the best.

I’ve already professed my love for Doughnut Plant’s crème brûlée doughnut, but I think I have a new favorite–tres leches cake doughnut.  Doughnut Plant’s cake doughnuts aren’t too heavy and their frosting isn’t very sweet. I also really liked how the cake doughnuts are moist too. The tres leches doughnut even had that same “soaked cake” as a normal tres leches cake. I would definitely recommend any of their cake doughnuts and I also tried their blueberry one, which was also delicious.


Friedman's Lunch in Chelsea Market

Short Rib Hash

Short Rib Sweet Potato Hash

By far, the best thing I ate all weekend was the short rib sweet potato hash at Freidman’s Lunch inside Chelsea Market. I’ve never seen sweet potato in a hash before but I think it’s the best idea ever. The short ribs were so tender and slightly sweet. I talked to the waiter and the cook spends the entire night before cooking the short rib. The combination of short rib and sweet potatoes went really well together and they were topped with two poached eggs with a little bit of hollandaise sauce. You have to order this dish if you go to Friedman’s Lunch.

Cheese  Crème Brûlée

Cheese Crème Brûlée at White and Church

Crepe Cake at Lady M

Crepe Cake at Lady M

I had dinner at White and Church, which was a cozy modern European restaurant in TriBeCa. The real star of the night was the cheese crème brûlée and it’s served with crostini bread slices. I’m sure it sounds weird, but the sweet and savory combination went together perfectly. It didn’t have the same smooth consistency as normal crème brûlée. I could ignore the more gritty texture because the pecorino cheese paired perfectly with burnt sugar topping. I’ve never had anything like it before, but I would gladly eat it again!

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the crepe cake at Lady M in the Upper East Side. My sister had recommended it (the woman may possibly be a bigger foodie than me) and a co-worker also separately recommended it. After an exhausting visit to the MoMA, I walked the 1.5 miles over to Lady M. I’m not going to lie. I almost gave up and turned around to go home, but I powered through for the sake of cake. I’m SO glad that I did. The crepe cake is layers of crepe with a thin layer of whipped cream in between each crepe. I liked how the “cake” was actually really light and who doesn’t love the buttery taste of a nice, well-made crepe?

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