Je Suis Parisienne

Invalides Day

The View from my Patio

I’m officially a Parisian! I moved into my new apartment in the 7th arrondissement last Sunday so it’s been exactly one week. I could not be happier. I’m in love with my new place, my neighborhood and just being in the City of Light!

Coutume Cafe

Brunch at Coutume Café

After moving in, Christophe and I went to have brunch at Coutume Café. I had read reviews about Coutume in multiple blogs because all the expats have been raving about their coffee. I was quite happy with my latte and it was one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had in this city. The vibe of Coutume was really cool, reminding me of Greenwich Village in New York. The brunch was solid. While nothing blew me completely away, I found the mango yogurt refreshing and I enjoyed my plate of chicken and rice with a side of sweet potatoes. Everything tasted clean and light; I didn’t feel like I was going to roll over and take a nap (which is often how I feel after brunch).

Sanukiya and Dawa

Tempura and udon at Sanukiya (top left and right); Korean rice cakes with kimchi and seafood at Dawa (bottom left); and my own Chinese cooking (bottom right)

Ironically, I had a lot of Asian food and hit up some of favorites like Sanukiya and Dawa. The first meal I made in my kitchen was Chinese food too (although I cheated because I bought that hot and sour soup).

Snow in Paris

Snow in Paris

Me & Snow

On the Bridge by Notre Dame

It’s been an eventful week because it starting snowing this past weekend and the snow is actually sticking. As a native Californian, this is a big deal for me. I’ve been in snow when I’ve gone skiing, but I’ve never been in a major city with snow. This lead to a lot of wandering and taking pictures because this city is absolutely gorgeous in the snow.

Jacques Genin

Caramels, Hot Chocolate and Mille-Feuille at Jacques Genin

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Paris Udon Wars: Part Deux


At 3pm, there is still a line at Kunitoraya.

I already discussed how my friends and I tried to eat at Kunitoraya (39 Rue Sainte-Anne) a couple of weeks ago, but we were thwarted (they ran out of soup)! It all worked out because we had a delicious udon meal at Sanukiya. Kunitoraya was still on my list so after my birthday visit to the Louis Vuitton family home and workshop, I thought it would be great to grab dinner there. Plus, it’s a Chinese tradition to eat long noodles on your birthday (the noodles represent longevity). Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Kunitoraya Udon

Kunitoraya Udon

Tempura Udon

Tempura Udon

Curry Udon

Curry Udon

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The Hunt for the Perfect Udon in Paris

Sanukiya Udon

Hiyashi Kakiage Oroshi Udon at Sanukiya

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous in Paris and will probably be the most beautiful weekend we have all year with temperatures reaching the high 80s. It probably sounds silly that I wanted to eat Asian food in Paris, but this city has some amazing Japanese food that is just waiting to be tasted by yours truly.

In the 1st/2nd arrondissement, there is a street that is full of small Japanese restaurants called Rue Sainte-Anne. My Japanese classmate had heard good things about Kunitoraya (you should click on this link because they have a cool website) and my friends and I made a plan to grab lunch there on Saturday. We were having too much fun shopping and got to Kunitoraya at around 3pm. We had JUST missed the cut-off point. Our hopes and dreams were dashed until one of the waiters kindly told us that there was another udon shop around the corner, Sanukiya.


Apparently, the owner of Sanukiya used to work at Kunitoraya and recently opened up his restaurant earlier this year. I thought it was really cool how the two restaurants seem to have maintained a good relationship (good enough to suggest we go to Sanukiya). The restaurant consists of bar seating inside and a few outdoor tables. As you can see from my picture, the place still had amazing business at 3 in the afternoon!

Since it was a million degrees outside, I ordered a cold udon noodle dish that came with tempura fried vegetables and shrimp and served with a soy/dashi broth sauce. These were the best udon noodles I’ve ever eaten. Up until this point, I always thought good udon noodles should almost have a gummy-like texture, but I was so wrong. These noodles had actual texture and my Japanese friend confirmed that these noodles were legit. She said even this kind of quality would be hard to find in Japan. She talked to the staff and we learned that the noodles are all made in-house (though the flour is imported from Japan). While the tempura didn’t blow me out of the water, I didn’t care. I just wanted more noodles.

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