Taipei: Pamper Yourself at Villa 32

Beitou's Villa 32

Beitou’s Villa 32

Taipei is famous for its hot springs in Beitou. The hot springs are known for its medicinal and healing powers. Beitou is only a 30-45 minute car ride from the downtown Taipei and also accessible by subway. While there are many options of public and private hot spring, Villa 32 is probably the most posh option.

Villa 32 Entrance

Villa 32 Entrance

When Anne and I first arrived, I felt like we were transported to paradise. The grounds were incredibly peaceful and beautiful. We arrived around 10am and I think we were the only guests in the villa at the time. Anne and I each booked a 90-minute oil massage, followed by lunch in their restaurant and a private hot spring room.

Lunch at Villa 32's Restaurant

Lunch at Villa 32’s Restaurant

Lunch was set in their “Italian-themed” restaurant with a four-course meal. I had a beautiful and light chilled white asparagus and tomato soup, followed by pan-fried chicken with roselle, U.S. ribeye steak and a coffee mousse cake. I was really impressed with the presentation and the food was delicious. I was kind of surprised to see that it seemed like a lot of people travelled to Villa 32 just to eat at the restaurant. There were even executive meetings happening in a private room.

Lunch at Villa 32's Restaurant

Lunch Offerings

Villa 32 has two options for hot springs: single gender outdoor public hot springs or indoor private rooms. The public hot springs does not allow you to wear any clothing (including swim suits). Anne and I both decided that we didn’t need to see each other in the nude and booked a private room. While we didn’t get to enjoy the great outdoors, we actually were quite lucky because a thunderstorm hit in the afternoon and so we got to stay dry in the indoor hot spring.

Indoor Private Hot Spring

Indoor Private Hot Spring

The indoor hot spring was equipped like a hotel room. There was a bathroom, shower, couch and amenities like Evian water, L’Occitane bath products and plenty of towels. I definitely felt like I was being pampered in a four-star hotel. The hot springs definitely had a strong smell of sulfur and the water is slightly cloudy. At the end of the day, I was completely relaxed thanks to my massage, amazing lunch and hot spring soak.

For the hot springs, you can control your water temperature.

For the hot springs, you can control your water temperature.

Villa 32 is also a hotel and you can book a room for a stay. We originally wanted to stay overnight, but there are only four rooms available and it was completely booked. I’m actually glad we didn’t stay overnight because Beitou is a nice day trip and a little escape from the hustle and bustle of Taipei. I would highly recommend Villa 32 to anyone who goes to Taipei, but you have to make a reservation. I’ve read reviews online that recommend making reservations at least two weeks before your visit. In terms of price for taxi rides (both ways), 90-minute massage, four-course lunch and a private hot spring room, Anne and I each only paid $250 USD. I couldn’t believe how reasonable it was, considering that I’ve paid that much just for a massage back in the U.S. Villa 32 is definitely the ultimate relaxation spot and the perfect place to pamper yourself!

4 thoughts on “Taipei: Pamper Yourself at Villa 32

  1. Hi there, read a great review here and I am planning to visit this place in early November. I have a question, when decided to book a private hot spring room, did you and Anne wear swimsuit? Better question, are you are allow to wear swimsuit in the private hot spring room?

    • Hi Eric, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, you’re allowed to wear swim suits in the private hot spring room. It’s really up to you! Public hot spring is definitely no clothes allowed and single gender only. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Eric, I chanced upon your review while researching on Villa 32. Just wanted to know how much time did you and your partner spend for the massage, lunch and hot spring session? Do they allow you to proceed with hot spring right after food?

    • Hi Jenn,

      Appreciate you stopping by the blog. We basically spent the whole day there and got early morning massages around 10 or 10:30. Afterward, we had a relaxing lunch. Then we proceeded to the hot springs room around 2pm. I think we left Bei Tou around 4pm. You can definitely head to the private room after lunch. Hope you enjoy the spa as much as I did.

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